Hasbro Update: Target Says No To Sandcrawler
4/28/2004 11:01:10 AM | Reported by Mike

Q: Hasbro announced in Star Wars Insider that they are releasing the Sandcrawler this year at Target (in the US).  However, an International retailer has announced that the item is cancelled.  What is the story with this item?

A: Since the article for the Insider went to press a couple of months ago, Target has decided not to carry the item.  We have been discussing the item with other retailers and are hopeful that we will still be able to find a home for the Sandcrawler in 2004. 

If it is placed in the US, then we anticipate that it will also be sold in other countries as well.  However, if it is not sold in the US, then it is unlikely to be sold anywhere.  We will announce new plans on our website as soon as they are confirmed.

Q: What is the plan for the "vintage" 3-¾ inch line of figures?

A: First, we’d like clarify what we mean when we say “vintage figures.”  The line consists of 12 entirely new 3-¾ inch figures, with enhanced deco and/or articulation.  The "vintage" refers to the packaging artwork.  These figures will feature reproductions of the original packaging from the 70's and 80's.  These are part of our Original Trilogy Collection to commemorate the release of the classic trilogy on DVD this September.

In terms of distribution, we expect the line to be carried by all major toy retailers.  While we do not disclose production quantities, we caution fans against Internet rumors. We will ship these figures in multiple ratios to try and ensure that the most popular figures are available throughout the Fall.  

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