Swami Sez: Playsets, PLAYSKOOL, And MORE
3/7/2004 2:27:22 PM | Reported by Mike

Swami's back! And he has more news about what's coming up in '04. The Power of the Swami remains strong, and he has visions ahead of what's in store for the long lost Cantina sets and other exciting developments, such as playsets, PLAYSKOOL, and troop builders!





Let's begin this seance with the case breakdown for the Bespin Wave coming this summer (July).

2x Cloud Car Pilot
2x Lobot
2x Princess Leia (Bespin)
1x R2-D2 (HOF)
1x C-3PO (HOF)
1x Boba Fett (Carkoon)
1x Obi-Wan Kenobi ( POTJ)
1x Stormtrooper (HOF)
1x Wicket (Freeze Frame)

No visions yet of a Bespin Cloud Car, but we can expect the Sandcrawler and Y-Wing coming up in the new Original Trilogy packaging. Both these vehicles will utilize previous molds. You'll see more of the plastic Star Wars cups being specially packaged with an X-Wing Fighter and TIE Fighter. There will also be a Book Cover with figure coming up (this will be in Saga packaging).

Carrying Cases and playsets return! The Original Trilogy Collection reintroduces the Darth Vader and C-3PO Collector Carrying Case packaged with an action figure. The Endor and Hoth playsets will make a comeback and also include a pack-in figure.

So the big question on everyone's mind: When will Hasbro release Cantina Wave 2?

According to Swami's crystal ball, the production run of the second assortment have all been distributed to the Asian market and is no longer sitting in the warehouse. Meaning that they're now only available in the secondary market. If you have a set of wave 2 carded in the 2002 packaging, consider yourself lucky indeed, as production numbers were quite low. Hasbro does plan on releasing a Cantina Aliens 3 pack in OTC packaging. While Swami is not 100% certain if Big H will include figures such as Kitik Keed'kak and Dr. Evazon in this new assortment, he'll bet his turban that this will be the case. The 3 packs will come in 2 sets.

A couple more multi-packs are planned, including an Imperial Forces and Rebel Forces 3 pack. There will also be a special edition Yoda and Mickey Mouse 2 pack in the horizon.

PLAYSKOOL makes a return! We can expect a PLAYSKOOL Figures assortment 2-pack in the very near  future.

Not much in the 12" category except a 12" Chewbacca in Chains. With Kaybee's recent woes, the future of the 12" ARC Trooper Swami reported on earlier remains indefinite.

Finally, another silver finished figure is coming up in 2004. Details are blurry at the moment except the figure may (or may not be) be a denizen of Tatooine.

If you noticed, a lot of toys this year are either rereleased or repackaged. Swami tells us that Hasbro had to expedite production to a great extent for the DVD release. With Episode III toys currently in development, resources must have been allocated as much as possible for this year's Original Trilogy Collection.

Once again, Swami reminds everyone that nothing is confirmed until it comes from the mouth of either Lucasfilm or Hasbro. But have faith in the Power of the Swami true believers, and more will be revealed only here in Galactic Hunter in the very near future!

Note: Please respect the Swami's and Galactic Hunter's copyright and refrain from copying and pasting this text to another message board or website. A link and credit to Galactic Hunter will be most appreciated. Swami thanks you for the courtesy!

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