Swami Sez: What's Old Is New Again
12/15/2003 10:53:03 AM | Reported by Mike

Don't call it a comeback. The Ghost of Kenner Past has visited our Galactic Swami and reveals some terrific news. Although only a few details are available at this time, Swami sez that along with the Original Trilogy DVD release next year, older fans will be able to rekindle some fond memories from their childhood toy chest.

Hasbro is planning on releasing a special collector edition run of Vintage style action figures in conjunction with the highly anticipated release of the Holy Trilogy DVD release in 2004. While based on figures from that era, these new versions will sport additional articulation and come at a much higher pricepoint. We can expect some sort of retro style packaging as well.

That's all Swami has on these vintage re-issues for now. But if the success of Mattel's classic He-Man reissues are any indication, these neo-vintage figures should be hot.

Remember that nothing is confirmed until it comes from the mouth of Hasbro, but Swami will definitely have more news in the coming months!

Believe in The Power Of The Swami!

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