Swami Sez: Endor Or Bust
12/4/2003 4:27:23 PM | Reported by Mike

Yah wah, eee chop yah wah...which translated from Ewok means Power! We Got Power! (Or was that a tune by KMFDM?). Well, we gots Swami power baby! And he's got a small update for you straight from the Forest moon of Endor!

Many of you already know a couple of these items from the last reading, but the Galactic Swami sees more details in the form of a "Battle Of Endor" wave coming out later in 2004.



HAN SOLO (Battle of Endor)
While there was a 2002 version released, perhaps this one will now include an overcoat with more articulation and less action feature. Anyone care for a "Rebel Roast" figure with the Ewok version of the George Foreman grill? Yes, we hope so too.


GENERAL MADINE (Battle of Endor)
The Battle of Endor's chief tactician, with a wicked combed over toupee', has been absent from the modern line since the vintage version warmed pegs in the Kenner era. Swami looks forward to the updated Crix, with comb over intact of course.


LANDO CALRISSIAN (Battle of Endor)
Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Stylin' and profilin' in his General's togs, the smuggler turned administrator turned Rebel Commander is immortalized once again, sans the bulkier POTF2 Apollo Creed muscle, and hopefully a better likeness and sculpt.


Swami already mentioned this set from a previous reading, but he thought to mention it once again, since there are a lot of Nub Yubbers in the hizzouse. We haven't had a catapult since the vintage years, and with the recent Ewok Revival movement, Swami thinks this is a good thing. Yes, we adore our Ewoks...because we love. (Vintage catapult shown in photo)

Many of you have witnessed the Power of the Swami through the few predictions already confirmed by the Hasbro gods. But with great Swami power comes great responsibility, and Swami reminds everyone that nothing is official until the Big H SEZ SO.

More Swami news coming soon...so stay tuned!

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