Deluxe Wampa: Prototype And First Impressions
8/29/2003 1:34:22 AM | Reported by Mike

Galactic reader Nick L. hooks us up with some fantastic photos of an unpainted prototype of the upcoming Deluxe Wampa with Ice Cave accessory and gives a short review on the piece. For those of you wondering, YES, his arms do lop off!

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The sculpting on the head and chest is fantastic and super detailed.  The head is really great.  Amazing detail in the eyes and mouth.  Very, very well done.  As you can see, the chest has 3 layers of articulation for bending over or rearing back.  Nice touch.  The horns appear to be molded separately and glued on.  Top of the line sculpting here and has come to be expected.



The arms and legs are a big disappointment.  I would say it ruins the figure, but it brings it down from an A+.  I'm not sure if it's just on the prototypes, but they're cast in cheap, hollow rubber.  The closest thing I can equate it to would be like a cheap dog toy all it's missing is the squeaker, really.  The rubber really destroys the sculpting detail and really looks strange next to the torso detail.  Hopefully, they'll end up using a plastic capable of holding more detail.  The arm is removable though (another nice touch) and that might be the reason for the rubber.  The cheap rubber makes it nearly impossible for him to stand on his own, although with a bit of patience and balance it can be done.  The bone is hard plastic and is sculpted to fit perfectly in his hand and he holds it pretty well.  Can't wait to see it in gory, painted detail.  Should look nice.  The base is sculpted extremely well and yes, it does have a place for a lightsaber "in the snow."  I tried to get good pictures, but the clear plastic doesn't photo well.  Overall I'd give it a B.  It should look great painted.

Thanks for the scoop Nick! Look for the Wampa to begin shipping by late '03/ early '04.

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