Saga Sandcrawler Revealed
 | Reported by Mike

It's been over two decades since we last saw a Jawa Sandcrawler on a store shelf. The Radio Controlled Sandcrawler holds a special place in many old timer's hearts, and besides the Death Star Playset, is one of those iconic toys which immediately come to mind whenever one refers to the vintage Kenner line. Heeding countless polls and petitions, Hasbro finally plans on releasing an updated version for the Saga assortment. Here's a sample of the new Sandcrawler planned as a store exclusive for 2003. It's a rehashed mold and looks to be without electronics, but note the excellent "worn" paint deco of the new vehicle. Many of the vintage components also appear like they're intact (at a quick glance, the droid tube hatch is still there).  
True to what we've heard from earlier reports, the Sandcrawler will come packed-in with 2 figures --and yes -- they are from previous sculpts. The Jawa is the obvious choice for a pack-in and looks to be the POTF2 Ronto Beast pack version. The RA droid is a straight repaint of the original POTF2 Death Star Droid.
We haven't heard any confirmation on which retailer has picked this up as their exclusive, nor do we have an idea on pricepoint. But we'll make sure to follow up on this as we learn more. Enjoy the pics in the meantime!

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