Preview: Jedi Council & Geonosian War Room Screen Scenes
7/25/2003 10:00:45 AM | Reported by Kevin

SAGA LogoIf the POTF2 Cinema Scenes were a single, the SAGA Trash Compacter 2-packs were a double, then the new SAGA Geonosian War Room and Jedi High Council Screen Scenes are a homerun. Proving that you can teach a dog new tricks, Hasbro takes an old concept, the Cinema Scene, to a whole new level.

The main complaint with the old Cinema Scenes is that you had to buy two rehashed figures to get the one new figure that was included with the set. Not anymore. Hasbro releases the first wave of the new Cinema Scenes with three new figures in each set. When completed, the first two waves will include twelve new figures. Hasbro also ups the ante on the package design giving a more three-dimensional feel to the product.

Geonosian War RoomGEONOSIAN WAR CHAMBER (Set 1)
Film: Attack of the Clones
Figures: Count Dooku, San Hill, Poggle The  Lesser
Includes: Geonosian War Chamber Table
Retail: $16.99
Availability : August ‘03

The first set, the Geonosian War Room, includes a much requested Poggle the Lesser action figure, an excellently sculpted version of the InterGalactic Banking Clan Chairman San Hill, and a Count Dooku figure complete with Death Star holoprojector. Also included in the set is half of the War Room table that can be completed when the second wave arrives.(More Images)

Jedi Council Screen SceneJEDI HIGH COUNCIL (Set 1)
Film: Attack of the Clones
Figures: Mace Windu, Even Piell, Oppo Rancisis
Includes: Jedi Council Chamber Base, Chairs, Holographic Obi-Wan Kenobi
Retail: $16.99
Availability : August ‘03

The second set is, hopefully, the start to a complete Jedi Council chamber. The first wave includes one-eyed Jedi Master Even Piell, Oppo Rancisis, complete with tail and a second set of arms, and a new Mace Windu that is articulated in the knees which allows him to sit. The set includes two chairs and a floor section that will be able to connect with subsequent waves.(More Images)

Because these sets will contain all new, highly sought after and requested figures, they probably will not set on the shelves for long. If you see ‘em, grab ‘em.

Sample for photography provided by Action-HQ.

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