Preview: TIE Fighter With Pilot
7/11/2003 8:31:56 AM | Reported by Kevin

Now your Imperial Death Squadrons can receive reinforcements. Hasbro listens to collector demand and releases a SAGA collection TIE Fighter with Pilot. While the pilot isn't new, this 2003 rehash of a 1995 rehash of an original 1978 toy gets a facelift.


TIE FIGHTER - Imperial Dogfight
Kaybee Store Exclusive

Film: A New Hope
Includes: Imperial Pilot
Features: Opening Cockpit, Ejecting Wings
Retail: $29.99
Availability: July '03

The 1995 POTF2 TIE Fighter gets an update with a new, more movie accurate rear hull. The previous incarnations had a battery compartment in the rear that resulted in a less than authentic vehicle. The Imperial vehicle ships with a knee-jointed TIE Pilot that was previously available with the TIE Interceptor and TIE Bomber. (More Images)

Sample for photography provided by Action-HQ.

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