Preview: Clone Wars Multi-Packs
6/9/2003 2:19:00 AM | Reported by Mike

Later this summer, Hasbro will launch their new assortment based on the epic civil war between the Galactic Republic and the Confederate Separatist---The Clone Wars. Introducing a bold new packaging scheme and new characters, the line will bridge the galactic conflict which takes place between Episodes II and III.


In the lexicon of Star Wars collecting, the words "Army Builder" always create a buzz amongst the many who wish to recreate a galactic battle of their own with their action figures. After all, the saga is called "Star Wars". New to the Clone Wars line is the multi-pack assortment of army builders to bolster your forces. Categorized as either representing the "Army of the Republic" or "Separatists Forces", the multi-packs are set to replace the Deluxe category, and for a mere $10 bucks a pop, offer a tremendous bargain. 


Clone Trooper Army
Allegiance: Army of the Republic
Includes: 3 Clone Troopers
Retail: $9.99
Availability: June/July '03

If any Gen-X'ers in our readership can recall the little green army men of their youth---comes in a bag of 100, non-articulated, but fun to set up in cool troop formations---then these Clone Troopers are an updated rendition. For starters, the blasters are molded to their hands and they have no leg articulation whatsoever. But what these figures lack in articulation they gain in their limited but effective pose. And of course, there's the bottom line---3 new army builders, a little more than 3 bucks each---nuff said. Hasbro also plans to mix in different rank colors for future packs to make this an even more enticing acquisition. (More Images)


Droid Army
Allegiance: Separatist Forces
Includes: Super Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid, Battle Droid
Retail: $9.99
Availability: June/July '03

If one would consider that these three droids used to retail for $5-8 bucks each, then the deal you get with this pack is clearly evident. Again, they are less articulated and don't have as much paint detail as their carded counterparts, but for pure diorama purposes, these figures turn up aces.  Of particular note is the red Battle Droid, which has a "blow apart" feature with a disconnecting magnetic torso.  (More Images)


Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher
Allegiance: Separatists Forces
Includes: Battle Action Destroyer Droid, Battle Ready Destroyer Droid, Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher
Retail: $9.99
Availability: June/July '03

Offering a compromise between an as of yet unrealized fully transforming  droid and the simple sculpt included with the EP1 R2-D2 Carrying Case, the Destroyer Droid Launcher gives us another neat toy with some novelty play value. You insert the retracted droid in the launcher and pull back on the release strap in the rear to witness the droid roll out for a Clone Bowl-A-Rama. The "Battle Ready" Droid is the same figure included with the Droid Army set. (More Images)

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