Preview: A-Wing Fighter With Rebel Pilot
5/8/2003 2:34:54 AM | Reported by Mike

We preview the upcoming Target exclusive A-Wing Fighter with Rebel Pilot with some detailed loose photos. This mold dates back to the the Droids collection in '86, which is one of the harder vintage Kenner pieces to find mint in the original packaging. The toy was later re-released in 1997 for the POTF2 collection and included a Rebel Pilot.


Ever catch a glimpse of a green colored A-Wing Fighter in Return of the Jedi? Most likely not, since they were all red in the film. Green A-Wings were seen in Lucas Arts' X-Wing and TIE Fighter PC games as well as a Galoob Action Fleet vehicle. But just because it's slightly Expanded Universe doesn't take away from the cool factor of the ship.


This mold is considered one of the more accurate proportion-wise to the actual prop, and Hasbro added some cool new deco to update the ship for the Saga line, including the Rebel squadron markings which were originally in the Galoob version. While the original vehicle had battery operated electronic sounds, the POTF2 and Saga version do not, although the battery compartment is still intact.


The included Rebel Pilot was originally Arvel Crynyd from the POTF2 Cinema Scene, repainted green for this set.


The A-Wing Fighter with Rebel Pilot is headed to Target stores later this year. You can view more photos in our Image Bank by clicking here. Enjoy!

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