Launched on September 6, 2002, Galactic Hunter has quickly established itself as one of the premier Star Wars fansites on the web. With a dedicated and seasoned team of fan journalist, Galactic Hunter brings you the latest Star Wars collectible news from around the world. From Hasbro and Kenner's line of action figure toys to comics, games, prop collectibles, and our burgeoning fan community in the Bounty Hunter Collective Forums,  GH keeps you in the know and in the loop as we commit to our motto of keeping you on target.


(Creator, Editor-In Chief, Photographer)
Michael Sullenger is best known for his previous creation, the popular Star Wars collecting website, which along with its Bounty Hunter Collective discussion forums, grew into a popular spot for collectors online for more than two years. Galactic Hunter is a result of his vision and desire to not only provide a good resource for news and information on Star Wars collectibles past and present, but to build a community online which collectors can call home.

(Associate Editor, Reviews, Q&A)
Known for his quick wit and intuitive knowledge of the hobby, Adam Pawlus has written for various publications including Star Wars Galaxy Collector as well as stints at Rebelscum and Yakface. He also has a day job in the toy business. His newsletter was an invaluable resource for many collectors during the POTF2 era. Pawlus now brings his expertise, as well as his ever-popular Q&A Column, to Galactic Hunter. If you have a question about Star Wars toys, it?s a good bet he has the answer.

(News & Features Editor)
The other Adam at GalaticHunter is our flamboyant, sometimes inflammatory News & Features Editor. He founded and administrated the hobby's first major trading sites, Star Wars Collector Union and before joining GalaticHunter to satisfy his creative bug. Adam May lives in Atlanta, GA with his long-suffering partner. He can often be found at the in-town stores haunting the toy aisles.

(Vintage Reporter)
Jason Coulston is an aggressive vintage Star Wars collector with a nose for the Kenner line's long history. As our Vintage specialist, he is always interested in hearing from anyone involved with the Kenner line, so please feel free to e-mail him with tips or stories. Hailing from Orange County, California, Jason's other passion is cooking.

With a love for reading Del Rey's collection of Star Wars literature, Denise writes book reviews for Galactic Hunter. A devoted wife and mother from Maryland, she also loves her Star Wars LEGOs and is an avid hockey fan.


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