Zellers in Canada Has New Target Exclusives Now

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The new Target Hasbro Star Wars exclusives aren't just starting to hit US stores-- reader Chad found not one, not two, but pretty much all of Target's remaining 2010 exclusives at Zeller's in Canada.  So don't be too jealous of us in the USA, Canadians!  Chad writes:

Because we don't have Targets up here,  Zellers from time to time gets their exclusives.
Past week I have seen
Both Ultimate Hoth Battle Packs  $44.99 each
Hostage Crisis and Hidden Enemy,  DVD 4 packs  $27.99 each
Tie Fighter VIntage Packaging  $27.99 each
Snow Speeder Vintage Packaging  $27.99 each
IG-86 / Cad Bane 2 pack  $15.99 each
Senate Guard 2 pack  $15.99 each
Pretty sweet prices especially for up  here.  :)
Also Walmart's regular price on the Kit Fisto Starfighter is now  $20.00
Plenty of Jabba's to go around.
Thanks Chad!