Toys R Us Exclusive Droid Attack on the Coronet Out Now

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, September 11, 2011

In stores right now is the Droid Attack on the Coronet, exclusive to Toys R Us stores and retailing for $24.99.  But if you only look in the big display in the front of the store, you'll miss it.

Toys R Us stores are now getting a giant display of Star Wars for the Blu-Ray/Clone Wars Season Premiere this week, so there's a giant display in the front of the stores packed with new Vintage and other goodies.  However, this set is not part of the plan-o-gram-- you'll need to go back to the regular action figure aisle, and since it's sized similarly to other Battle Packs and exclusive gift sets it could be hidden behind old stock. 


The set includes the Spider Assassin Droid, 3 Assassin Droid Spawn (be careful not to throw them out!) as well as Clone Troopers Mixer and Redeye.  For the asking price, $25 feels about right.