Toys R Us Death Star Trench Run On Shelves Now

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, September 24, 2011

Arriving ahead of schedule for about $99.99, the Death Star Trench Run is on some aisles today-- due to its massive size, the aisles I saw couldn't have more than one out at a time just yet.  Set to be a part of the "Big Book," history tells us that a discount of some sort may follow. But should you wait?

...probably.  The giant Toys R Us sets have sometimes sat a bit, and this one is mostly old parts.  The X-Wing Fighter has had significant retooling with new deco, new compartments, and a new heads-up display in the cockpit.  Given the asking price, this piece is the very definition of "just different enough to make you mad."  There have been multiple versions of the big X-Wing, even one based on the trench run in 1998, but the deco seems to be strong enough where it may well be worth your while.

This time around, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter seems to be the deco used in 2007 and beyond-- right down to the oddly lighter-colored hatch on the top of the ship.  It's still the same great 1997 mold, and without having smuggled mine into the store it does not appear to be different.  But the deco is one of the best, so if you don't have this ship, this is a worthwhile set.

The action figures are nothing new.  Darth Vader uses the same mold from the 500th edition Vader and numerous Saga Legends and other releases-- you probably have this one.  Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker and the Battle-Damaged R2-D2 appear to be from Wal-Mart's 2008 Droid Factory set, and both of which are quite excellent if you don't already have them.

Breaking it down for what you get, separately, these items would probably set you back somewhere around $80.  Last year, the Rise of Boba Fett set which Toys R Us sold was priced similarly to this one, and had frequent sales between its release and the end of 2010.  As such?  I'd advise you to wait.  That's what I'm doing, and as a rule, I don't hold off on exclusives.

Good hunting!