TOY PALACE NL 03: New Gentle Giant and Much More!

By Mike — Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our sponsors at TOY PALACE have the latest Gentle Giant IN STOCK, including the Commander Gree maquette, Slave Leia minibust and much more! Shop for all the latest IN STOCK and pre-order items today!





Toypalace Newsletter Newsletter #03 - 22/01/2011



Below you will find the latest products which came in or were added for pre-order within the last 7 days.


We wish you all a very nice weekend with our new product news.

IN-STOCK items sorted by manufacturer
Star Wars Spiral Musical Notebook Darth Vader
Item No.:SW27015   
Availability:in stockPrice: 12,90 EUR
App Refridgerator-Magnets (18 pcs)
Item No.:JT088978   
Availability:in stockPrice: 14,90 EUR
Doormat Slide to unlock 45 x 75 cm
Item No.:GD833658   
Availability:in stockPrice: 19,90 EUR
App beer mat / coaster (16 pcs)
Item No.:AS-APP-BD   
Availability:in stockPrice: 19,90 EUR
James Bond 007 Jaws Teeth SE Prop Replica
Item No.:FE408012   
Manufacturer:Factory Ent   
Availability:in stockPrice: 179,00 EUR
James Bond Solitaire's Tarot Cards CE Prop Replica
Item No.:FE408014   
Manufacturer:Factory Ent   
Availability:in stockPrice: 29,90 EUR
Star Wars Slave Leia in Metal Bikini Mini Bust
Item No.:GG12209   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 49,90 EUR
The Clone Wars: Commander Gree Maquette 23 cm
Item No.:GG11547   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 69,90 EUR
Harry Potter Büste Fenrir Greyback 17cm
Item No.:GG11390   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 49,90 EUR
Star Wars Yoda Force FX Lightsaber ATOC - Ep.2
Item No.:MR217   
Availability:in stockPrice: 139,90 EUR
Rambo III John Rambo Knife 20th Anniversary Edt.
Item No.:HCG020   
Manufacturer:Hollywood Collectibles   
Availability:in stockPrice: 129,00 EUR
Rambo II John Rambo Knife Standard Edition 40 cm
Item No.:HCG014   
Manufacturer:Hollywood Collectibles   
Availability:in stockPrice: 109,90 EUR
Rambo IV John Rambo Messer SE 45cm Replika
Item No.:HCG022S   
Manufacturer:Hollywood Collectibles   
Availability:in stockPrice: 129,90 EUR
Iron Man 2: Iron Man Mark IV Collectible Bust 24cm
Item No.:S900893EU   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:in stockPrice: 74,90 EUR
Iron Man 2 : Mark VI Collectible Bust 23 cm
Item No.:S901024   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:in stockPrice: 69,90 EUR
DC Comics PVC Statue 1:7 Batgirl Bishoujo 23 cm
Item No.:KTODC001   
Availability:in stockPrice: 69,90 EUR
Clone Wars ARTFX+ Trooper Serie 2 Statues Set (3+)
Item No.:KTOSW55   
Availability:in stockPrice: 114,90 EUR
Clone Wars ARTFX+ Jedi Series 1 Statue Set (3+)
Item No.:KTOSW54   
Availability:in stockPrice: 114,90 EUR
Marvel PVC Statue 1:8 Emma Frost Bishoujo 20 cm
Item No.:KTOMK104   
Availability:in stockPrice: 69,90 EUR
Kotobukiya EIII Yoda vs Emperor Palpatine Figures
Item No.:KOTO33   
Availability:in stockPrice: 59,90 EUR
Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 1:1 Freddy's Glove
Item No.:NECA39975   
Availability:in stockPrice: 69,90 EUR
Predators Serie 2 Actionfigures 18 cm - Case (14)
Item No.:NECA51435   
Availability:in stockPrice: 229,00 EUR
Predators Serie 2 Battle Damaged Predator AF 18cm
Item No.:NECA51437   
Availability:in stockPrice: 19,90 EUR
Predators S.2 Unmasked Berzerker Predator AF 18 cm
Item No.:NECA51438   
Availability:in stockPrice: 19,90 EUR
Predators Serie 2 New Tracker Actionfigure 18 cm
Item No.:NECA51436   
Availability:in stockPrice: 19,90 EUR
AvP2 Requiem: Alien Warrior Action Figure 18 cm
Item No.:NE51401   
Availability:in stockPrice: 19,90 EUR
Secret Wishes Padme Amidala Costume Adult M
Item No.:RU888744-M   
Availability:in stockPrice: 69,90 EUR
Rancor vs. Luke Skywalker Diorama 33 cm
Item No.:S200020   
Availability:in stockPrice: 259,00 EUR
Marvel Life-Size 1:1 Bust Hulk 51 cm
Item No.:S400033   
Availability:in stockPrice: instead 499,00 EUR
only 449,00 EUR
Sword of Eowyn 77 cm length
Item No.:UC1423   
Manufacturer:United Cutlery   
Availability:in stockPrice: 269,00 EUR

Green Hornet 3D: In cinemas now !

New Products for Pre-Order sorted by manufacturer
DC Comics Ame-Comi PVC Statue Wonder Woman V3 23cm
Bullets and bracelets! This armored Wonder Woman, from a future vision in the Ame-Comi mythos, puts up her dukes, fending off foes with her unbreakable wristbands! Packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook, this non-articulated PVC statue stands approximately 9 H and includes a display base.

Designed by Jim Fletcher; sculpted by Jonathan Matthews. 

Item No.:DCD30254
Manufacturer:DC Direct
Price:79,90 EUR

Assassins Creed 2 Life-Size Sticker Ezio 92 cm
The funniest wall decoration to ever find a way into your home. 

Dimensions: 92 x 66 cm 

Item No.:GE15124
Manufacturer:Gaya Entertainment
Price:32,90 EUR

Darth Vader McQuarrie Concept Bronze Bust 20 cm
Six months before Star Wars was released in the summer of 1977, the paperback novel for the film was released and the public who had not yet been introduced to the iconic Sith Lord, Darth Vader. On that paperback's cover was a portrait of the Dark Lord by Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, whose design was markedly different than the Vader seen on screen. This limited edition bronze by Gentle Giant Studios commemorates McQuarrie's original vision for Darth Vader, distinguished by cleaner lines and distinctive glare. This solid bronze bust is limited to just 100 pieces worldwide. Weighs approximately 8-10lbs. Measures 20 cm tall. 

Item No.:GG80100
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant
Price:1.499,00 EUR

Exclusive SW Clone Wars Commander Bly Büste 20 cm
This exclusive Star Wars Clone Wars Mini Bust from Gentle Giant features Commander Bly as seen in the hit Cartoon Network show Star Wars The Clone Wars!

Bred on Kamino, CC-5052 was among the first generation of clone marshal commanders to be trained by the Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17, who gave him the designation "Bly."A clone of Jango Fett, Bly was trained as an Advanced Recon Commando himself, giving him a more independent mindset and allowing him to think "outside the manual" when it came to the shifting of tactical situations.As a clone commander, it was Bly's job to act as an intermediary between the Jedi Generals and the regular clone troopers, although he was bred to be loyal to the Republic above all others. Bly was assigned to the 327th Star Corps, which fell under the 2nd Sector Army.When the Republic amassed a number of droids that needed their memory cores unlocked and wiped, Bly helped to recruit a Jedi Knight for the task, as the secrets in the droids could be crucial to the war effort. 

Item No.:GG00830
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant
Price:79,90 EUR

The Green Hornet Statue Black Beauty Excl. 50 cm
After the mysterious death of his father, Britt Reid strikes an unlikely friendship with the industrious and inventive Kato. Together they see a chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives; fight crime. To get close to the criminals they come up with the perfect cover: theyll pose as criminals themselves. 

Protecting the law by breaking it, Britt becomes the vigilante the Green Hornet as he and Kato hit the streets. Using all his ingenuity and skill, Kato builds the ultimate in advanced retro weaponry - The Black Beauty, an indestructible mobile fortress, equal parts firepower and horsepower! 

From the Columbia Pictures blockbuster movie The Green Hornet, we are proud to present Hollywood Collectibles 50 cm replica of the iconic Black Beauty car. This highly detailed model captures the Black Beauty with its weapons drawn ready for action, and comes complete with display base. 

This HCG Exclusive version features two interchangeable sets of hood mounted machine guns, and is available in a very limited edition size of only 100 pieces! 

This incredible piece is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail. 

Lets Roll Kato! 

Item No.:HCG9239
Manufacturer:Hollywood Collectibles
Price:309,90 EUR

Resident Evil: Jill Valentine (Battle Suit) 30 cm
Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the 1/6th scale Jill Valentine (Battle Suit Version) Collectible Figure from the Biohazard 5 video game series. The real-like collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Jill Valentine in her Battle Suit Version in the video game, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed battle suit and weapons. 

Product Specifications:
License: Resident Evil
Product Type: 12 inch Figure
Product Size: 12" H (304.8mm)*
Product Weight: 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*
Box Size: 15.00" H (381mm) x 7.00" W (177.8mm) x 7.00" L (177.8mm)*
Est. Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)* 

Item No.:S901260EU
Manufacturer:Hot Toys
Price:164,90 EUR

Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs) A-Fig 17 cm
One of the most demanded figures of all time comes to life as NECA presents Hannibal Lecter as part of Cult Classics: Series 5. Hannibal is approx. 17 cm tall, comes strapped in a transport gurney and includes a removable mask. 

Item No.:NECA420391
Price:17,90 EUR

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