Toy Fair 2020 - Hasbro Battle Bobblers

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, February 22, 2020

Star Wars Battle Bobblers! Like clockwork, Hasbro has new figure concepts that are expressions of characters you know that you like, but not in the format you buy. The big-eyed Battle Bobblers look not unlike the creations of Jim Davis - Garfield and Orson might see these troopers, droids, and aliens as kin.

While Porgs and droids may not be on the menu this year for all fans, that's OK - a lot of these new things have been in shorter supply. Who knows, these might even end up being scarce - it's going to be an interesting year as the likes of the big box stores whittle down their shelf space for sci-fi toys.

--Adam Pawlus


Toy Fair 2020 - Hasbro - Star WarsToy Fair 2020 - Hasbro - Star Wars