Super7 Alien ReAction Figures In Stock Right Now at Entertainment Earth

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, December 19, 2013

You can order a single Alien or a 5-pack of all the figures at Entertainment Earth right now!  Order the Alien for $14.99 or the 5-pack of Ash, Kane, Dallas, Ripley, and the Alien for $64.99.  I got a set... and wouldn't you know it, I've got some quick impressions.

UPDATE 12/20: If you ordered your figures from Super7 at either San Diego Comic-Con or through their web site, you may be receiving them this weekend - mine showed up today. The figures came on blue, unpunched cardbacks and the bonus figure was a clear grey Alien which, as someone who is a little sick of clear figures, I gotta say looked awesome. Check those mailboxes - or order yourself a set! Do it! Send Hasbro a message about how much we love vintage-style figures, people!

Click here to order yours.

The Alien: The glow-in-the-dark elements do not glow, but the figure feels appropriately Kenner-ish.  The dome is now frosted, and if you remove it there's a sliding lever for the second jaw just like you saw in Tomart's Action Figure Digest in the 1990s.  The foot holes are the same as Kenner's action figures, so you can use your Ewok Village if you like.

Ash: A little dirty, and the flesh paint was a little pale and a little thin - but it looks more or less exactly like the old pictures.  I had to wipe off some black stuff on his arm, btu other than that it looks and feels pretty much like a legit Kenner toy from 34 years ago.

Dallas: There's a surprise on the back of his jacket if you open it, you can't miss it.  He comes with a Flamethrower, the same one as Ripley, which fits into the random Star Wars figure hands that I tried.

Kane: This one feels the most authentic, other than the clear helmet.  The early pictures looked like the bubble helmet lacked the glass window piece, so arguably this looks better for it.  The tan body suit is a little glossy which gives it a more authentic feel than the other figures, and it feels like it is a sibling of the Kenner Return of the Jedi aliens.

Ripley: Similar to Ash, and can hold her flamethrower just fine.  The skin is a little pale and she plays as well as she looks.   If you have Fisher-Price Adventure People or Mini-Rigs handy, she and the other humans (or near-humans) can sit in them just fine.  Unlike most modern figures, you'll have no problems fitting them in ships or in chairs... plus they hold their accessories better than some actual vintage action figures.

If you love real Star Wars toys from the 1970s and the 1980s and like Alien, you're going to flip over these.   They're essential, but be warned - they will make you want more vintage toys.   If you want to buy a figure that makes The Black Series feel like it's trying too hard, go get these immediately.  If you're under 30 you may not dig it, but for the older crowd - this is going to touch you in all sorts of places that'll make you feel dirty.