Q&A: Star Wars Vehicle Reissues, Episode 9 Toys, and That Line You Skipped

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, March 29, 2020

1. New single Galaxy of Adventure figures were shown a few months ago (Boba Fett &c...) but these were not at Toy Fair. Are they still coming?

Some of these did get shown, but may not have seen a lot of coverage. I did specifically ask Hasbro if these were coming at Toy Fair - specifically, coming to the US and not just small numbers in Europe or Asia - and was told they are still planned to be released in the USA later on this year.

Obviously, a lot can change - we're hearing there may be some raw materials issues in the press, in addition to existing factory issues and there are also new movies that need product made for it. Anything can change in our current climate, but as of Toy Fair, these are very much planned for the US market. This distinction is important, because Hasbro has shown things in that showroom and told people "this is for Europe only" once in a while. (Monsters Hero Mashers come to mind.)



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2. Any more ROS 3.75 figures or is that it?

While nothing was announced, there are likely to be more down the road. I can't say what, I can't say when, but we have yet to see a movie come and go without at least one or two late arrivals in the action figure line. Just don't get your hopes up for a lot - the size of the 3 3/4-inch action figure line has decreased dramatically and that's not going to change.




3. So its the 40th Anniversary of Empire Strikes Back and I feel old thinking about that...So on to my Question....what are the chances we see any of the Following Vehicles being Released in Empire Strikes Back packaging this Year..... Bespin Twin Cloud Car, Snowspeeder with Different Paint Scheme, or and Millennium Falcon, which I have heard from another Collectors YouTube Channel as Something they swear is Coming...Your Thoughts?

I have a good radar, and to my knowledge none of these - specifically as 3 3/4-inch scale vehicles - are on my radar. This does not mean they can't come out, or won't come out, or could be an exclusive later in the year, just that it's not something I've heard any ramblings about. Given the big Millennium Falcon was $180 in 2008 and about $250 in 2014 or so, I don't think it would be a sensible item for Hasbro to reissue in this era. (But then again, the Slave I is coming back and is pricey.)

My hunch - and this is purely a hunch - is that the entire Hasbro offering (everything, not just Star Wars) may diminish a bit for 2020 to align with the new reality of production if things don't kick into gear very quickly. There are lots of toy lines to get made, and since the factories have been at reduced capacity since at least late January, I wouldn't get your hopes up.



So! Where are we now?

You no doubt heard that the US is extending social distancing for the month of April, Amazon is still pushing out orders - some not terribly quickly - and big box stores are still open for business. Toy runs are arguably unaffected, except for the fact it's been weeks since I've been to more than one or two stores in a day. (Yes, I still look, market research and exclusives and all.)

So what can you, the toy collector do? I'd steer you toward some other online shops who may be very happy to have your business, like Entertainment Earth (where I work, as you know) for your future toy needs. Or current toy needs! Smaller business may still be open for delivery, be it local delivery or mail-order, so if you're in the market for stuff I'd nudge you toward them. It would be great if these small toy shops, local comic shops, and not-huge but big online toy shops can still be around to serve your toy needs for as long as humanly possible.

--Adam Pawlus

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