Q&A: Star Wars Retro Collection, Big Playsets that Didn't Happen, and Secret Projects Happening Next Week

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, July 7, 2019

1. Adam, we hear all about films that have scenes in various states of incompleteness, but are complete enough to tantalize fans, to the point of it being painful. There must be Death Star playset that Hasbro has never released, but at least spitballed as an idea: is it a sketch in a vault, a cardboard proof of concept, a jumble of partly assembled prototype pieces, or just words that have been bounced around over lunch between employees?

A Death Star?

Between what I've seen and heard about over the past couple of decades, there are a few of them in varying sizes and feature sets. Obviously we got two (Detention Block Escape and Death Star Chasm), but there are various mocked-up, bashed-together, and largely unseen orbs of various makes and models. It would not be an exaggeration to point out that there are countless unreleased toys that have been as far along as fully-tooled and ready to release, and also as uncooked as a napkin sketch.

I don't know what has happened terribly recently, but it has been one of those things that used to come up every once in a while. People inside Hasbro can pitch all kinds of things using art, bashed-together mock-ups, and other forms of proof-of-concept digital and physical. Does it matter, since they'll never see the light of day outside the Cincinnati and/or Pawtucket-based offices? Probably not. The sheer volume of the last 24 consecutive years of Star Wars means there's a lot more stuff and a lot more people that probably don't feel the need to preserve something for posterity. We probably haven't seen all that much from the original Kenner line in the grand scheme of things - there's a lot of stuff we'll probably just never see.



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2. Just a quick question, have you heard anything about Hasbro continuing the Vintage Retro Line? Thank you.

It would not be an exaggeration to call that line a success. Retro is very in right now, but to my knowledge there haven't been any announcements as to what the future may hold, or when, or where at this time. Thankfully Comic-Con is in about 10 days - and Hasbro sometimes spills various beans there. And sometimes other panels do the spilling.

Hasbro often spontaneously ends lines that sometimes seem successful (The Vintage Collection's endless returns, 40th Anniversary carded 6-inch figures) and sometimes things collectors don't buy run for years (Star Wars Transformers, mini-Unleashed.) With the likes of Mego-style figures having returned along with New Coke and new old video game cartridge production, it's clearly something in the air right now - but that doesn't mean Hasbro wants to (or Lucasfilm will allow them to) make this a pillar of their future.



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--Adam Pawlus

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