Q&A: Star Wars QC, Playsets, and Lost in Space

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, October 18, 2020

1. Not technically a Star Wars question but I wanted to know if Lost in Space action figures are still coming. I believe they were shown at the San Diego Comic Con in 2019. Two sizes were on display - one was 3.75 that would have been compatible with Star

As of right now I haven't heard any specific plans for Just Play's line of figures based on the Netflix show. Maybe they're being held for season three of the show - or perhaps they were quietly axed - as far as I know there's been noting official, at least not on my radar. Have you guys heard anything?

Other companies are still putting out classic toys of the robot, which can be found at a variety of stores this year.



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2. Hasbro has been offering environments of late (yay and thank you Hasbro!). What do you think is more likely another section of Jabba's palace, the cantina, or a death star? What about Galaxy Edge? Any chance of the city scape to be packaged and sold?

I wouldn't anticipate a Galaxy's Edge playset soon mostly due to the theme park business' nebulous future. If it did happen, I'd be expecting to see it from Disney proper rather than Hasbro - but anything can happen. If Target can do an endcap of theme park-themed Star Wars toys, who's to say we won't see more next year? It's generic enough to stand in for any of a number of planets.

I am not holding my breath for more Cantina, Jabba's Palace or Death Star sets right now. I assume we'll get at least one new environment per year, but when, and what, it's anybody's guess. I would hope it's Jabba's Palace since we've got a section to build on, but given we're a couple years out from the Barge now I wouldn't hold my breath. A Mandalorian hideout could be a safer bet - but I haven't heard anything else at this stage.




3. How's your Wal-Mart AT-ST holding up? The first one, from the white and red Legacy collection. Because mine apparently exploded while I had it stored away. Every joint on the upper legs just came apart. I've had it and a number of other vehicles stored quite safely for years, so this was quite a shock to me, had you heard of this happening with this vehicle? The only other item I've had especially bad QC issues with was the Vintage big wing TIE and the tabs breaking on the sprint mechanism.

Not all AT-STs are created equal - Best Buy's AT-ST Raider is fine, but I've got a Kmart The Vintage Collection one that's had to be propped up since I took it out of the box! I haven't yet opened my Walmart The Black Series one - mostly due to lack of finalized vehicle display space - but I've heard mixed things. It could just be bad tooling, but I'd suggest propping it up with a doll stand or (as I did) a tower made out of empty clear Fighter Pods orbs.

For whatever reason, more articulation - especially on worn-out tooling, and in hot climates or when improperly stored (whatever that may mean) can be bad for toys keeping upright. Meanwhile, the AT-DP from Rebels is built like a tank and it's perfect. There may be made-on-demand repair solutions for your AT-ST or good fixed, but I've not heard of them yet. Given how my old Power of the Force AT-STs (and their reissues) are still standing like champs as well, I'd say Hasbro may wish to steer back to toys and keep away from collectibles as they're just not as sturdy. But that's me.



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One of the more commonly asked questions this year was "So when can I get those last few Galaxy of Adventures 5-inch figures?" They showed up in Canada and parts of Europe, but not in the USA. Well, yet. A limited supply is coming stateside, and of course you can order them at a place I work at. I don't know if they'll show up in stores as not many stores near me carry the assortment, and we're well beyond aisle reset season (usually.) Who the heck knows if someone has a crazy-pants Black Friday thing going. If you want them, you can pre-order Boba Fett, Darth Maul, a Sith Jet Trooper, Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, and others right now.

This week saw the delay of Los Angeles Comic Con (set for December, pushed to September) while the Las Vegas Star Trek show was pushed the following day (and also seemingly lost the Trek official license.) My hunch is that you can expect most or all of next year to follow a similar pattern, where maybe one or two movies get out before things shut down again and most if not all conventions through at least summer will be canceled. I'd bet on fall and winter, too, but only because I assume the vaccine or distancing measures - even if things are adopted - won't be compatible with screening tens to hundreds of thousands fans at convention entrances. "Don't come in if you're infectious, scout's honor" is poor policy for gatherings two to four times the size of Harrisburg, PA. Maybe we'll all get invisible black light tattoos or something.

--Adam Pawlus

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