Q&A: Star Wars Lando Futures, Head Swaps, and Big Old X-Wings

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, February 14, 2021

1. Given the lack of vintage collection figures I've been doing more customs, or at least lazy customs with head swapping of the new photo real heads on old sculpts. However sometimes the photo real heads are just a bit too large for the peg. Is there any putty or anything out there that you would recommend or know others use? Didn't know where else to ask, and if you know of a good forum or place to do so I'm all ears.

The Transformers community has a technique for loose joints that may be good here - it involves clear nail polish. If you have a loose joint, perhaps you can "build up" with a layer of clear coat, let it dry, try the head on it, and apply again until it's a thick enough peg for your needs. (You may also need to sand it down if it goes too far.) It's worth a shot! I would suggest following any and all toy customizing forums - the Transformers people tend to do some pretty amazing work, but the clear coat comes from troubleshooting and repair when you draw the short straw from a new-at-retail figure. I'm told it's a good fix!



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2. Years back Hasbro released a 'to-scale-to-3/4"-figures' x-wing.

There was a Luke in the cockpit, but he was non-removable. R2 may have been locked in place too.

In the underbelly there was a handle that flipped out, making it easier for kids to fly.

Lots of electronics within, if I remember correctly?

I can't seem to track it down on the interwebs — do you remember its name or release date?

Summerish 1998 brought the world Kenner's final form of the original trilogy ship with the Power of the Force Power FX X-Wing (that's an Amazon affiliate link, I get a nickel or something if you click one and buy something.) Every subsequent Saga/Vintage/whatever X-Wing is proportioned similarly and is effectively a Ship of Theseus born from that model.

You can probably find a cheaper one elsewhere - this provided the basis for all subsequent "big" X-Wings, only those lacked electronics. Original SRP was $49.99, if that's of any use when making a purchase.

One flaw - the wings sag with time. I had mine stored on the engines with the nose pointing skyward to keep them from sadly, limply dangling down. You may wish to prop the wings up if you open one and have it on display.



3. Do you think we'll see Han, Chewie, and Jabba in the new Disney+ Lando series that's planned? Or even Maul and Qi'ra? I'd love to see all of them both in the show and in new toy form. I'm sure a new Jabba figure from that time period could double as a better 3.75" version of Jabba from the Mos Eisley scene in Episode 4 (compared to the one released in 1998).

I know a couple more Solo movies were originally planned before multiple factors caused Solo to be measured by the studio as a box-office failure, even though it was a really good movie in my fan opinion. I've yet to hear from another fan who hated that movie. So do you think they'll morph some of those film plans into the Lando series, like the big job for Jabba hinted in Solo? Or do you think that's all been trashed in favor of something totally new? It seems like they can't go wrong keeping Maul in play in future Star Wars shows or films.

I hope so, but I've heard absolutely nothing about the specifics of the new Lando show. For all I know it's a flashback series where Billy Dee Williams is telling a story at a bar and then we cut to Donald Glover acting out whatever it was. Solo: A Star Wars Story felt like the first chapter in a new movie or streaming series, setting up tons of cool stuff. Maybe it payed off in the comics or novels, but I haven't seen it if it did.

When it comes to the 3 3/4-inch line, I would recommend looking at the 2019, 2020, and 2021 lines for what you should expect going forward - lots of repaints, a few retools, many repacks, and not a whole heck of a lot of new tooling. If we get 2 vehicles a year, that's a good year. We have yet to get a big playset, just modular chunks of playsets you can buy and use to assemble something larger.

I would advise getting your hopes up too high, the fact that the 6-inch line exists and has been a roaring success means the 3 3/4-inch line will never expand into something as big as the mid-2000s ever again. Maybe we'll get a few good things here and there, but so far Hasbro has proven that, since 2018 ended, they have no interest in plopping out a great wave of figures with awesome vehicles and playsets all on the shelf at the same time. It's going to be a trickle and a long-game for collectors from here on out.



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It's always a surprise to see what makes news - this week, the big story was that Lucasfilm/Disney/etc. informed the world that Gina Carano will not be returning as Cara Dune on The Mandalorian. I have no idea if this means the character will be back as an animated character, or recast, but I'm guessing probably not - you may have noticed that orders stopped being taken by some bigger stores and distributors for the Vintage and Black Series figures, with prices climbing immediately. The figures were in production (and re-production) since their debut, so hopefully you got one if you wanted one. I'm sure Target will sell out of any remaining Credit Collection edition figures this week.

It is exceedingly rare for there to be a high-profile case of "we're not going to make that." The Tonnika Sisters have been a thing fans have asked for but never gotten in non-micro size for years, for example. Word has it Disney asked Hasbro to stop putting out Slave Leia products and sure enough, we haven't seen a whole heck of a lot of them that I can recall. (It's a pity, the 2013 Black Series figure is one of the most-deserving of a deco change/face lift/rerelease.) Supposedly minor, unmasked human characters are also unlikely to be produced, so says the grapevine, due to reasons not dissimilar from the Tonnika gals. Will this change? Probably not - I certainly haven't seen evidence either way in writing, but the product certainly would make me think that this is accurate.

--Adam Pawlus

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