Q&A: Star Wars Holes, More Holes, and Ladies' Night

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, July 17, 2016

1. What are the Star Wars Black Series 6' #23-28? #22 is Kylo Ren Unmasked and 29-35 are:
29 C-3PO
30 Princess Leia (ANH)
31 AT-AT Driver (TESB)
32 Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH)*
33 Sabine Wren
34 Darth Revan
35 Snowtrooper (TESB)

So what are the skipped numbers? And when are they coming out?

First of all, I am dictating this to my computer using voice recognition software. My right hand is still damaged from the fire last week. As such it really sounds awkward talking to the computer to write to you. Anyway, here goes.

Right now I can not say for sure what the final numbers are without seeing packaged samples. Hasbro has been known to put gaps in the line numbering since 2009. Based on your list and the rollout thus far, I would anticipate that the next wave of figures would likely be one based on Rogue One. Without knowing for sure, I can only speculate that the next members will be filled by characters we have not yet met in a very official capacity, outside Celebration Europe. We seem to be passed the era in which Hasbro would be likely to actually give us a complete list of products hitting stores near you. Collection numbers are even less likely.



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2. I want to ask you, I have seen this image a few times on the web, I want to ask you do you know any thing about it.
Whether it was just a mock up of a six inch wave that Hasbro have done, to test reaction.. or actual wave of figures that never was produced for retail..?

I would have loved to have a AT AT Driver for my Imperial 6 inch Collection.

The figure which you seek was shown as a sneak preview at Toy fair in New York this year. No exact release date has been given, but I would bet money that it would be part of the new movie release this fall. Hasbro (coice software said "Has a blown")rarely shows new product without the intention of releasing it. As of late new stuff is in production by the time they show you the new toy. One notable exception was funeral pyre Darth Vader around 2009. I am still quite happy that this figure was never produced.




3. Don't know if you are keeping up with the comics (I never heard you mention the cool Entertainment Earth exclusive C-3PO variant cover) but Han Solo #2 which comes out today features a variant cover with...one of the Tonnika sisters. Likeness copyright be damned! If they can print her on the cover of a comic book, they can make her and her sister in plastic. The list of figures that old folks want to see reissued in plastic is short and the Tonnika sisters are on the top, followed probably by Sim Aloo, maybe Vlix in your case.

See a copy of the cover on the Star Wars wiki here:


So what has to happen to see the Tonnika sisters in 3.75" plastic?

Comics are comics. Toys are toys. Cartoons are cartoons. Fashion has happened to fashion. We saw the sisters on the Clone Wars cartoon, and media appearances are different than licensed products. Things derived directly from the movie or things are sold in stores do not necessarily require the same royalty agreements. As such we are still at the mercy of any agreement between Disney, Lucasfilm, Hasbro, and whoever is running the Star Wars design team this week. As the last year showed there is little to no interest in classic trilogy aliens in the line's current form. It would be more miraculous to see any new character from the background of the original movies then almost anything else. I would be very surprised to see any new classic background aliens or characters on the shelf before episode eight or even episode nine figures. The new movies and cartoons are running the show. We're not even seeing astromech repaints in stores - someone would really have to be some sort of a fun-loving toy suit to get more of that kind of thing to happen again. New tooling seems like we won't see the girls until they have significant roles in the movies. I suggest writing letters to the Lord Miller production team in hopes of seeing them in the Han Solo movie.




The powers that be have decided America is not good enough to see the new Star Wars trailer that we were promised last week. However, we did get to see the new Ghostbusters movie. I quite liked it. It was snappy funny and I expect a lot of people are going to be dressing up as one or more rolling. I think I would make a good Holtzman.

I will be off to San Diego shortly. I hope to have new things to talk about. I expect anything mew will be based on existing movies and cartoons. If you are in San Diego, please be sure to stop by the Entertainment Earth booth and if you see me, say hi. I am in so many meetings I do not expect that you will actually see me. But say hi all the same. Also be sure to pick up one of our giant chrome gold C-3PO action figures. It is quite impressive. Almost as impressive as the fact that my voice recognition software correctly identified and spelled C-3PO. I can't wait to see what else is new in the store, or maybe I have seen it, and just can't tell you. But seriously how about that new Aileen fire? I swear I said A-Wing Fighter. Stupid technology only mostly being perfect.

--Adam Pawlus

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