Q&A: Star Wars Cardbacks, DIY Droids, and Old Brands

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, March 7, 2021

1. How do you feel about Hasbro marking the new Marvel Legends Retro figures with the Kenner brand?

Do you think Hasbro could be positioning the Kenner brand to be their go-to "retro" label?

It's a curious choice, but not unprecedented. Hasbro slapped the Galoob brand name and logo on its Titanium Series offerings from 2006-2012ish, including things like metal 3 3/4-inch figures which Galoob never made. Similarly, it makes sense for Hasbro to keep its Kenner trademark alive but this is a curious way to it, given Kenner never made Spider-Man or X-Men figures.

Their offerings seem too nice for a "retro" figure, but I'm not opposed to seeing what they may do with the brand and seeing how it evolves. For example, there's no kiddie 3 3/4-inch figure lines from Hasbro anymore - but for some reason, Hasbro priced these new guys at about ten bucks a whack. That's kid-friendly pricing - a kid might see a "Kenner" Spider-Man, Mandalorian, Wolverine, or other figure on the shelf and buy it because it's a toy. It looks like a toy. Mom and dad will recognize the Kenner name from their childhoods and go "oh, this is a toy." It's unlikely, but this segment could be revived as an older-child/pre-tween toy brand name. (In my dreams.) Collectors love it, but so far the 5-jointed Kenner-style figures have been in heartbreakingly short supply as exclusives, not appearing in stores.

If Hasbro were so inclined I bet they could really turn a jokey fake-retro line into something for the whole family - assuming it doesn't go above ten bucks. It's difficult to find a good, plain regular Spider-Man toy in a store. It's impossible to find The Mandalorian. I guess I'm more curious about how fans react to it, and which ones pounce, than anything. It seems preposterous but if it accidentally activates a new audience - underserved kids and fans wanting core characters in a collectible format - this could be a game-changer. Or Hasbro could just shrug and not make more, which would be a mistake.



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2. I’m a huge collector of droid factory from Disney, do you see the days of building our own droids 3 3/4 in the parks are gone with post Covid? Any rumors of any new astromech droids?

They've been pretty quiet, other than to say some existing theme park product will be making the move online. I haven't heard a peep about the bin parts in ages, and my hope is they never, ever put new parts in the bins again. (Parts from existing exclusive droids are fine with me, though.) It's a huge hassle for collecting and in the era of COVID, who the heck wants to paw through diseased kid-snot-covered domes and legs? Not me.

I think they're going to keep that kind of thing going - eventually - but for all I know it'll be an app activity where you select the parts you want and some grunt assembles it in the back, pushing it out on a conveyor belt. Hm. Typing that out, it sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?




3. I really like the thickness of the cardbacks for the Carbonized Mandalorian figures. Of all the ones I saw on the pegs, there wasn't a bent or damaged one to be found.

Why can't Hasbro use this same card thickness for its regular TVC figures? Would it really cost them that much? Is the extra thickness needed for the metallic-looking effect of the card?

Some of the reflective foil cardbacks are thicker, but generally speaking there's not much reason to change these things without significant complaints about ensuring the product makes it to stores in good shape and sells. Most of the foil figures have had extra-thick cardbacks, or sandwiched ones, but I am unclear if that is necessary or just how they decided to do it because it's cheaper/safer/more effective.

If the cardbacks are getting out in good shape - which they are - there's probably no reason to incur the extra costs related to more packaging that could go into paint, accessories, or profits.



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--Adam Pawlus

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