Q&A: Jakks Star Wars 2015 Finale - Full-Size Figures, Big Boba, and Other Characters Too

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, December 27, 2015

1. Jakks, now that you did a 48" Vader and trooper, what are the chances of doing a reasonably price 1:1 scale R2-D2?

This is very similar to the question [from last week - AP]. A 1:1 R2-D2 would be 38-inches tall and have a HUGE footprint. Where would we merch this at retail? Would it even fit on an end cap? If we did it online, what is the shipping cost? There are A LOT of factors and logistics issues to review and consider to do something like this. Not that it is impossible. It is just more difficult then producing a 48-inches Colossal BIG FIGS Vader or a 31-inches/20-inches Vader that is "human shaped" and can more easily fit at retail on a shelf or end cap space. You can only make toys if retailers or customers buy them, and the tricky thing with selling a life-size R2-D2 at a retail store is where do you put the darn thing (and how many can fit on shelf or even in the back at once? It would be HUGE!). Maybe one day. You never know the ways of the Force.



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2. Im a huge fan of jakks pacific 18 " 31 " and now 48 " practically have all of the starwars line. Question if 4 feet costs 99.99 can u add 4 more feet or 3 more give us a lifesize? I see little to no reason to pay 4 grand and up when you guys do a great sculpt and features for a realistic fair price! Id love to see a 48 " kylo to go with mh 3 31 inch ones i have already lol. My 48 " vader and stormie are fantastic! Last question, any chance we could get an 18,31 of 48 inch indiana jones? Either as a retailer exclusive sdcc or disney themepark????

With a question like this, it is not the case of how many feet can we go up to from a production standpoint, it is what does our license cover. In the case of JAKKS BIG FIGS line, we have the license for 20-inch, 31-inch and 48-inch figures for Star Wars. We do not have life-size rights at this time. (And doesn't Gentle Giant and Sideshow make life-size figures already? I think they have the license for those, but I could be wrong.)




3. Will you be making Boba Fett in the 31" or 48" line? The 20" figure appears to be a great selling character that I usually can't find in stock at brick & mortar stores.

I think getting Boba Fett into our 31-inch Massive BIG FIGS line or even 48-inch Colossal BIG FIGS is only a matter of time. But don't quote me on that! (damn internet...) ;-)




Thanks again, Scott! I have a few Jakks questions left, but we'll be going back to our normally scheduled Q&A for real next week. So send me (Adam) questions for me (Adam) if you're so inclined. Also all spoiler gloves are off as of January 1 - so if you haven't seen the movie yet, it's tethered swimming for you.

My jaunts out showed a lot of new shipments of toys, some of which are going fast and some of which aren't (Finn, Resistance Trooper). Needless to say I find this very interesting on a variety of levels, not the least of which can probably be summed up by invoking the same debate that surrounded various sporting events' placement in certain states about 20 years ago. Finn not selling is, to say the least, very interesting - possibly Hasbro stacked the deck in favor of Rey by giving her BB-8 in the 6-inch scale, but people are already shrugging at Resistance Troopers in both scales and it seems Zuvio is actually selling. (Personally I'd have started off with the outfit we saw in the trailer for Finn, because hey, kids love removable helmets.)

The big question from where I sit is "what's next?" Well, I kinda know some and kinda don't know some - you'll know some more, too, very soon. But when it comes to certain aspects of the franchise itself, it's really tough to say where we're all going to go. Marvel is the closest analog to Star Wars we've got right now, but there we're seeing movie lines with one, maybe two waves. "Classic" stuff is being pushed into the background quickly. If a character doesn't have a toy before the movie comes out, odds are it isn't going to get one. Given all of the new awesome stuff we saw on the big screen, it's odd and a little obnoxious that unless Hasbro goes back to standard operating procedures for Star Wars - that is, a mixed offering of new and classic products - but that's not necessarily likely given how Hasbro has handled most live-action movie years so far. That may not even be a fair way to estimate the future, given that all years are movie years for the next half of a decade - and I can't imagine Hasbro is going to give us every alien, robot, and First Order officer as a toy. Heck, one of the villain designs was kept secret from everybody, possibly even licensors, so it's possible that a toy would be a year off at the absolute earliest.

So - a reminder, next Q&A (actually Friday) we're no longer going to give a crap about spoilers for this movie on this site, especially as most of what I want to discuss has very little to do with the plot. Then again, I remember seeing posts about "toy spoilers" in the 1990s, so... well, clearly I should just be ignoring these people preemptively.

See you next year.

--Adam Pawlus

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