Now Shipping: Star Wars Saga Legends, Mission Series Action Figures Wave 2

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, December 16, 2013

Lots of new toys have been showing up in Galactic Hunter HQ! We're working on more to share, but some highlights include new Saga Legends and Mission Series 2-packs from Hasbro!  Some people are also getting Super 7 x Funko Alien ReAction Figures too, and some people are also quite excited to be looking at them right now.  Want some impressions of the new Star Wars guys?  Sure you do. Read on!



You can get yours at Entertainment Earth pending availability. Click here for Saga Legends wave 2.  All of them will be reviewed here in a few days.  At this time I have not heard of any brick and mortar sightings of the figures in this article.

The new Stormtrooper is the unquestionable winner of the Saga Legends wave, with 5 points of articulation and no real problems to speak of.  He can stand, he can sit in a Landspeeder or other vehicle with no real problems, and you're going to want a bunch of them.   You're going to want to fish out an old Imperial Troop Transport for them.

Boba Fett is pretty good - nice sculpt, skinny, and has a gun and a backpack.  He's the second-best of the wave.   Next is Captain Rex, which is mostly new parts grafted on the ROTS Legends/Mission Series Clone body.  The pauldron is a separate piece, and he has working holsters for his blasters.  Rounding out the series is Clone Commander Cody, with a blaster and removable rocket pack.   It's worth noting that the antenna on his shoulder is pre-bent due to the shallow bubble of the package - you can fix this with boiling water, assuming you're in to that sort of thing.


Click here to see the Mission Series at Entertainment Earth, our sponsors!

Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi is the winner here - while Darth Maul's face doesn't quite match his chest, the earthtones look right at home in Jabba's palace, and he fits fine in a Sith Infiltrator vehicle.  Obi-Wan Kenobi is the existing Saga Legends figure with new deco and new animation-inspired arms.  It's good!

Next up is Chewbacca and Han Solo.  The figures don't fit in most older Millennium Falcons, but they do fit in the Big Millennium Falcon quite nicely.  Han Solo looks good, and has no problems holding his gun.  Chewbacca is enormous, and you need to be very careful with his bowcaster - the scope is attached with a rubber band, and once removed it easily pops off.  Consider gluing it.  I advocate modifying your figure in any way blasphemous, and I'm telling you to consider gluing it.

Rounding out the batch is R2-D2 and C-3PO.  R2-D2 is the same mold used for Saga Legends R4-P17, while C-3PO is a totally new mold.  C-3PO cannot sit, but the sculpt and pose give him a ton of personality so he's an ideal fit in your Echo Base or Jabba's Palace diorama.  R2-D2 is severely lacking in deco compared to R4-P17, and has a "bald spot" because his top dome panel was left unpainted.  The blue paint used for the dome detailing is candylike and wonderful, though, so it's really close to being wonderful. 

All three sets are a lot of fun to futz with, but the Darth Maul may well be the finest figure of the batch that you an get right now.