Kid Ink Industries Releases Sumo Trooper 3-Inch Mini-Figure Today

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, March 30, 2013

The do-it-yourself toy world has been filled with unique figures as of late, and the resin Sumo Trooper will be going on sale later this afternoon for $30.  Multiple versions will be made in different colors, so you might want to go ahead and think about bringing your iPad or laptop with you to whatever Easter festivities may be on deck this afternoon.  2111

Tenacious Toys will be selling the Blue Sumo Trooper, while Hazarai's Kid Ink Industries shop will handle the red one.  Some random glow-in-the-dark figures and random painted figures will be mixed in, so be sure to hit up Kid Ink Industries for more information and be sure to let us know how these turn out if you're lucky enough to grab one.