Hot Wheels Star Wars Hitting Stores - Playsets First

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Toys R Us' new Star Wars resets are giving both sides of an aisle over to the space opera, providing close to Episode I-levels of real estate devoted to our favorite toy line during a period where, frankly, that's just confusing.   But the advantage here is there's a lot of room to fill and the Star Wars Hot Wheels Death Star Battle Blast is in stores now.  It's $14.99, has an X-Wing car, and... that's about it, really.  See the image I took with a Nintendo 2DS, after the jump.


I haven't seen any of the cars in stores yet - but this is evidence that they're not only coming, but Mattel met its target on-shelf date of September.  Nice job, gents!