HasCon - Star Wars Vehicles and Creature/Vehicle Sets

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, September 8, 2017

3379 So there aren't any more new vehicles on display, but it's worth noting that the Wampa with Luke Skywalker is sized similarly to the recent Probe Droid with Darth Vader and Bala-Tik with Rathtar - and should be in that same assortment later, you lucky so-and-sos.   I'm happy to see so much new stuff from The Empire Strikes Back, and the Wampa looks nice in particular.  New figure 2-packs, including BB-8's dark friend, are there too.

3380 Luke Skywalker comes with the Wampa, so be ready for that.

Action figure 2-packs are coming fast, and there are some good ones.   For example, First Order Disguise Rose comes with BB-8 and BB-9E, sadly BB-Neuworth was not included.


So far this is the only 3 3/4-inch figure of BB-8 from Hasbro for this movie.



Qui-Gon Jinn has a very special set of skills, but Darth Maul has a double-bladed lightsaber and awesome cloak - plus a Sith Probe Droid that will make Force Link Sounds.  I think we know who wins this duel.


Baze Malbus returns with Chirrut Imwe, bringing you the characters you love, or don't.  Tumblr's favorite husbando brothers now include Chirrut's lightbow - and the figure itself may be different since it's being made in Vietnam with different tooling.


Again, lookit that lightbow!



My daughter (age 4) saw the display Sphero BB-9E at Walmart the other day and asked if that was Darth BB-8. I told her of course it was. But the runner up name would be "that one droid that was in all the marketing and toys, but was only in the movie for 1.2 seconds".