Hasbro 2010 Exclusives Blast (In Hi-Res)

By Mike — Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In due time before the holiday rush, Hasbro wants to remind us of the plethora of exclusives that are now or will be soon available at their retailer partners. They sent us some nice hi-res images, most of which you've seen before, along with some product copy for you to brush up on pricepoints and retailer availability. Large bandwidth needed! Enjoy!


(Approximate Retail Price: $38.88/Retailer: Wal-Mart) – In Stores Now
Bring your favorite STAR WARS stories to “life” with this detailed JABBA’S THRONE set. Place your JABBA THE HUTT™ and SALACIOUS CRUMB™ figures on the throne to watch as your Twi’lek dancer OOLA™ figure performs. Use JABBA’S poseable tail to show his approval for the dance—or move SALACIOUS CRUMB to indicate his master’s displeasure! . Then, set the crime lord and his henchman back on the throne to await his next sinister appointment.



518 Jabba's Throne (Wal-Mart)



(Approximate Retail Price: $15.97/Retailer: Wal-Mart) – In Stores Now
Collect all three of the STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS DVD and two figure packs.  The RISING MALEVOLENCE set includes AHSOKA™ and PLO KLOON™ figures, the SHADOW OF MALEVOLENCE set includes ANAKIN SKYWALKER™ and MATCHSTICK figures, and the DESTROY MALEVOLENCE set includes OBI-WAN KENOBI™ and GENERAL GRIEVOUS™ figures.  Each set also includes a DVD and CLONE WARS GALACTIC BATTLE GAME™ cards. Each set sold separately.


519 CW Malevolence Ahsoka and Plo Kloon (Wamart)520 CW Malevolence Anakin and Matchstick (Walmart)521 CW Malevolence Obi Wan and Grievous (Walmart)


522 CW Malevolence Anakin and Matchstick packaging523 CW Malevolence Plo Koon and Ahsoka packaging524 CW Malevolence Obi Wan and Grievous packaging



(Approximate Retail Price: $24.97/Retailer: Wal-Mart) – In Stores Now
Launch yourself into action with this awesome KIT FISTO’S JEDI STARFIGHTER vehicle! This amazing starfighter splits into two separate vehicles — making it one very versatile fighter. The launching projectile accessories on both versions make them a threat to any Separatist fighters they encounter. Fit a droid figure in the droid socket and a figure in the cockpit (figures sold separately) and blast off for adventure! 


525 Kit Fisto Starfighter (Walmart)



(Approximate Retail Price: $38.97/Retailer: Wal-Mart) – Coming to stores in December, soar into a battle of epic proportions! This IMPERIAL TIE BOMBER vehicle features the firepower and the intricate details to make the action feel as realistic as possible. Put a figure (sold separately) into the highly detailed cockpit and prepare to blast into battle. Once you’ve spotted the enemy below, drop the bomb accessories from the bay. Are enemy starfighters heading your way? Fire the missile accessory to protect yourself. If they just keep coming, you’ve got no choice: use your removable ejection seat to take your pilot to safety! But don’t forget — as soon as one battle is over, the next one begins!


526 Imperial Tie Bomber (Walmart)



(Approximate Retail Price: $24.99/Retailer: Target) – In Stores Now
Collect both sets of these STAR WARS: THECLONE WARS figure 4-packs!  The first set, based on characters from the animated series episode “The Hidden Enemy,” includes four CLONE TROOPER™ figures prepared to follow you into even the fiercest of battles. Led by your courageous CAPTAIN REX™ figure, your CLONE TROOPER™ SLICK, CLONE TROOPER™ CHOPPER and CLONE TROOPER™ GUS figures will give it their all. The second set, based on characters from the animated series episode “Hostage Crisis,” includes four BOUNTY HUNTER™ figures: the sinister SHAHAN ALAMA™, ROBONINO™ and two COMMANDO DROID™ figures.  Each set (sold separately) includes a BOUNTY HUNTERS DVD. 



527 CW 4 packs Hidden Enemy (Target)528 CW 4 packs Hostage Crisis (Target)



(Approximate Retail Price: 14.99/Retailer: Target) – In Stores Now
Collect both sets of these figure 2-packs from THE CLONE WARS!  One set includes CAD BANE™ and IG-86™ action figures and the other includes the SENATE COMMANDO™ CAPTAIN and SENATE COMMANDO™ figures.  Arm your warriors with their blaster accessories so that they’re ready to charge into combat against their fiercest enemies. Whether fighting for the fate of the galaxy or standing at attention in your collection, these awesome action figures put all of the excitement of the STAR WARS saga right in the palm of your hand!  Each set (sold separately) of two figures come with blaster accessories, 2 Galactic Battle Game™ cards, 2 battle bases and game die.

529 CW 2packs Cad Bane and IG86 (Target)530 CW 2packs Senate Commando (Target)



(Approximate Retail Price: $12.99/Retailer: Target) – In Stores Now
Collect all three sets of the new STAR WARS MINI MUGGS!  Big heads mean big adventure with these three packs of MINI MUGGS figures based on STAR WARS characters. Your YODA™, DARTH VADER™ and STORMTROOPER™ figures are all set to fight it out, even if their chunky bodies don’t do their battle skills justice. This stylized trio of warriors may be short in stature, but they’re giants of sheer awesomeness! Other three packs include BOSSK™, BOBA FETT™, and IG-88™ and the third includes CAD BANE™, GENERAL GRIEVOUS™, and CAPTAIN REX™. Each set sold separately.


531 Mini Muggs Bossk, Boba Fett, IG88 (Target)532 Mini Muggs Bossk, Boba, IG88 Packaging 533 Mini Muggs Cad Bane, Grievous, Rex (Target)534 Mini Muggs Cad Bane, Grievous, Rex packaging 535 Mini Muggs Yoda, Vader, Stormtrooper (Target)536 Mini Muggs Yoda, Vader, Stormtrooper packaging


(Approximate Retail Price: $24.99/Retailer: Target) – In Stores Now
Collect a piece of saga history with both of these STAR WARS Vintage vehicles!  The incredibly detailed IMPERIAL TIE FIGHTER™ and REBEL ARMORED SNOWSPEEDER™ vehicles are both modeled after the vehicles from the classic THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK™ film and come in reproductions of the same packaging that the original vehicles were released in.  The TIE FIGHTER™ features wing panel accessories and a removable cockpit seat, while the SNOWSPEEDER™ features a landing skid and interchangeable firing and non-firing cannons and harpoon cannons that add even more drama to the action.  Each vehicle sold separately.


537 Rebel Snow Speeder packaging538 Rebel Snow Speeder (Target)539 Imperial Tie Fighter packaging540 Imperial Tie Fighter




(Approximate Retail Price: $39.99/Retailer: Target) – In Stores Now
Stage a battle of epic proportions with these two STAR WARS HOTH BATTLE PACKS!  With your ATTACK ON HOTH battle set, use the AT-ST™ vehicle (with AT-ST™ DRIVER) to stride across the grounds toward Echo Base.  On the ground, two SNOWTROOPERS™ slam the Rebel base with laser fire from an E-Web heavy repeating blaster. Use your DEFENSE OF HOTH battle set to try to defend the base.  K-3PO™ and two REBEL TROOPERS™ blast the enemy from the laser towers that ring the base, and fire anti-vehicle cannons and medium repeating blasters at the SNOWTROOPERS and AT-ST walkers.  With all of this firepower, there’s no telling who will win this fight!


541 Battle Pack Attack on Hoth packaging542 Battle Pack Attack on Hoth543 Battle Pack Defense of Hoth packaging544 Battle Pack Defense of Hoth



(Approximate Retail Price: $7.99/Retailer: Toys R Us) – In Stores Now
PUKO NAGA™ is a NIKTO SKIFF GUARD in JABBA THE HUTT’S™ palace. With his fellow guards, he protects the crime lord from his many victims and disgruntled associates. Thousands of years ago, the NIKTO swore their allegiance to the HUTTS, and they still carry out this pledge by working as guards, warriors and henchmen for the HUTTS. Figure comes with weapon accessories, Galactic Battle Game™ card, battle base and game die.


545 Nikto Skiff Guard




(Approximate Retail Price: $14.99/Retailer: Toys R Us) – In Stores Now
Collect all three of the LEGACY OF THE DARK SIDE figure 2-packs!  In the first set, your ANAKIN SKYWALKER™ figure begins his journey as a heroic fighter, wielding his lightsaber accessory to fight for the forces of good. Your DARTH VADER™ figure is who the young fighter becomes after he has abandoned justice and given himself over to the dark side.  

In the second set, your young BOBA FETT™ figure begins his journey as a young child, wielding his blaster accessory in anger over his father’s death. Your BOBA FETT bounty hunter figure is who the young orphan becomes after his grief has turned him into the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter.

In the third set, your PRE-CYBORG GRIEVOUS™ figure begins his journey as powerful fighter, wielding his blaster accessory against his enemies. Your GENERAL GRIEVOUS™ figure is who he becomes after the character has been “re-built.”



546 Legacy of the Dark Side Anakin to Darth547 Legacy of the Dark Side Boba Fett548 Legacy of the Dark Side Grievous


(Approximate Retail Price: $34.99/Retailer: Toys R Us) – In Stores Now
Gear up for galactic adventures and strap on this DARTH VADER™ VOICE CHANGER HELMET with realistic sound effects and real character phrases from the movies! Three different modes put you right in the thick of battle: activate the voice changer to make your voice sound just like DARTH VADER’S, press the button for phrases straight from the movies, or press the “breathing” button to hear the character’s famous breathing sounds. Easy-to-adjust straps allow you to fit the helmet comfortably on your head – and storm your way toward total galaxy domination! 



549 Darth Vader Helmet


(Approximate Retail Price: $99.99/Retailer: Toys R Us) – In Stores Now
Create an all-out battle on the ground with these five detailed figures and then take the battle to the skies with the two starships! Pit your heroic MACE WINDU™, ANAKIN SKYWALKER™, and R8-B7 figures up against the villainous power of your BOBA FETT™ and BOSSK™ figures. When the action is too much to contain, take off in BOBA FETT’S SLAVE I™ starship. Featuring a pivoting cockpit and wings, bomb-dropping action, firing cannons that turn 360 degrees and a detention cell to hold figures, this vehicle is definitely a menace in the skies. Fit your MACE WINDU figure into his JEDI STARFIGHTER™ vehicle’s opening cockpit and blast off after the bounty hunter villain. The JEDI STARFIGHER vehicle separates into two vehicles with a droid socket for your DROID figure to sit and a firing projectile launcher on the scout fighter vehicle. The two vehicles and five fearsome fighters are well-matched — but only you can decide who’ll win the battle!


550 Rise of Boba Fett packaging551 Rise of Boba Fett Slave I




(Approximate Retail Value: $99.99/Retailer: Toys R Us) – In Stores Now

The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) played a significant role in the Empire’s military assault in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK™, and it will play an equally important role in every fan’s toy collection this year!  Measuring more than 24 inches tall and nearly 28 inches long, this colossal vehicle holds up to 20 STAR WARS figures (one figure included – other figures sold separately) and includes so many play and electronic features true to its on-screen counterpart that it’s hard to believe!  From trooper deployment lines in its body and articulated legs for superb poseability, to its LED lights and authentic movie sounds and phrases, this is the a fantastic addition for STAR WARS fans of all ages. Includes one 3 ¾ inch AT-AT driver action figure and a pop-out speeder bike. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, the Toys R Us exclusive version features a replica of the original AT-AT packaging.


(Approximate Retail Price: $12.99/Retailer: Target) – In Stores Now
Collect all 6 of the Geonosis Arena Showdown Battle Packs!  Set 1 includes OBI-WAN KENOBI™ and a SUPER BATTLE DROID™, set 2 includes RODIAN JEDI™ and BATTLE DROID™, set 3 includes ANAKIN SKYWALKER™ and DROIDEKA™, set 4 includes SHAAK TI™ and a GEONOSIAN™ WARRIOR, set 5 includes NICANAS TASSU™ and COUNT DOOKU™, and set 6 includes R2-D2™ and C-3PO™ with Battle Droid head.  Each set sold separately.


552 GA AS and Droideka packaging553 GA NT and Dooku packaging554 GA OW and SBD packaging555 GA R2-D2 and C-3PO packaging556 GA Rodia Jedi and Battle Droid packaging557 GA Shaak Ti and GW packaging


558 Geonosis Arena Anakin and Droideka559 Geonosis Arena Nicanas Tassu and Count Dooku560 Geonosis Arena Obi-Wan and Super Battle Droid561 Geonosis Arena R2-D2 and C-3PO562 Geonosis Arena Shaak Ti and Geonosian Warrior563 Geonosis Arena Rodian Jedi and Battle Droid



(Approximate Retail Price: $14.99/Retailer: Toys R Us) – In Stores Now
As seen in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS: REPUBLIC HEROES video game!  KUL TESKA is a villainous Skakoan scientist working for the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Because his home planet of Skako has an extremely dense atmosphere, he wears a protective suit to survive in low-pressure environments on other worlds. His specially designed armored suit has integrated rocket launchers and concealed shoulder blasters.


564 Kul Teska Figure




(Approximate Retail Price: $8.99/Retailer: Kmart) – In Stores Now
In the comic “BOBA FETT: TWIN ENGINES OF DESTRUCTION,” JODO KAST is a bounty hunter who wears Mandalorian armor. He pretends to be BOBA FETT™ to take advantage of Fett’s reputation as the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter. However, the real BOBA FETT  is not flattered by Kast’s impersonation and makes plans to stop him.


565 Jodo Kast figure




(Approximate Retail Price: 24.99/Retailer: Kmart) – In Stores Now
The CLONE COMMANDO SQUAD comes with CAPTAIN REX™, ARF TROOPER™, CLONE PILOT™, and CLONE TROOPER™ with Space Gear.  Elite troopers are part of the Republic’s huge army of cloned super commandos. As the war progresses, specialized units are created to carry out operations in addition to ground combat. CAPTAIN REX is ANAKIN SKYWALKER’S™ second in command during the Clone Wars and commands the renowned 501st Legion. ADVANCED RECON FORCE (ARF) TROOPERS go on reconnaissance missions to gather information about the enemy. CLONE PILOTS are experts in the cockpits of gunships, transports and starfighters. CLONE TROOPERS wear special breathing gear when the battle takes them into the vacuum of space to breach enemy vessels.


566 CW Tooper Figure 4pack




(Approximate Retail Price: $49.99/Retailer: Target) – Coming to stores the end of November 
Relive the excitement that began 30 years ago!  Bring home these updated versions of figures from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK™. This VINTAGE FIGURE 9-pack includes the IMPERIAL set (4-LOM™, AT-AT™ DRIVER, and IMPERIAL TIE FIGHTER™ PILOT), whose goal is to seek and destroy all Rebel Forces in the galaxy, THE BESPIN™ ALLIANCE (BESPIN™ WING GUARD, LANDO CALRISSIAN™, and LUKE SKYWALKER™), and the HOTH™ REBELS (HAN SOLO™, HOTH REBEL TROOPER™, and FX-7™), who defend the secret Hoth Rebel base against insurmountable odds.



567 Vintage figure 9-pack in package


573 Vintage Figure 9-pack.jpg