GHR: Vintage Wave 4 At Wal-Mart, $4.99 Vintage, Droids and Moms

By Mike — Sunday, May 13, 2012

There's finally some break through after a few months of a devil's existence and lingering TPM Wave 1's as Wal-Mart is receiving shipments of Vintage Wave 4 with Dr. Evazan, Aayla Secura, and Kithaba

Similar reports from also have these showing up at ToysRUs.

Speaking of Vintage Wave 1, our sponsors at Brian's Toys now have most of them clearanced to $4.99 each with a fresh case for only $74.99. If you want to collect an unpunched, case fresh carded set, this may be an economical way to do so. 




We tweeted on Friday (courtesy of that collectors have been receiving notifications from Hasbro that their Prototype Fetts will be delayed for delivery until July 20th. This isn't the first mail-away this has happened to and Hasbro gives you the option to cancel the redemption, but why would you?


How about that Disney Droid Factory news we posted about yesterday and last week? Initial reports have a total of 71 parts, but this is preliminary and there's sure to be more colors, parts, combinations, and hats in the future. Estimates run about $300 to collect a complete set, but you should definitely budget for more. For those completists, this could either be really fun or painfully tortuous hunting down a full set. I'm of the glass half full crowd and look forward to collecting these even if it takes longer than necessary. If collecting was easy and always instantly gratifying, we'd simply call it shopping right?


Happy Mother's Day to all of you, especially to both our female readership. And for the rest of you guys, make sure to pick up some flowers, chocolates, or do something special for your Mom, Wife, Grandma, et al. They certainly more than deserve it!


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