GHR: Target Markdowns, TRU Sale

By Mike — Sunday, February 5, 2012

After a lackluster January 30th that saw most merchandise released by Walmart weeks before and Discover The Force looking to be delayed until The Phantom Menace 3D hits theaters, it's time for some bargain hunting. Our Galactic Hunt Report advises you to stay on Target.





Target marked down all their Shadows of the Dark Side  packaged merchandise to 50% off this week. This includes the Republic Attack Shuttle from $79.99 to $39.98. Their exclusive Vintage Action Figure sets are now only $9.98 from $19.97. Here's a rundown of clearance prices:

Republic Attack Shuttle $39.98
Saga Legends and Clone Wars Action Figures $3.94
Geonosis Arena 2 Packs $8.48
Battle Packs $9.98
RC Republic Tank $21.48
Electronic Helmets $9.98
ESB Vintage 3 packs $9.98
Transformers $3.98
Transformers Crossovers $8.48
Class II Vehicles $12.48



TRU had a great sale last week and continues that momentum with their exclusive Podracer set on sale for $21.96. Other exclusives on sale are the Droid Attack on the Coronet set for $14.99 (regularly $24.99) and Class I Vehicle exclusive Geonosian and Speeder and Rebel Transport for $13.99. Role play items are also on sale with the Ultimate FX Lightsabers at $31.99 and Electronic Blasters for $18.99.

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Walmart has last year's LEGO sets on clearance at 40-50% off including their Bounty Hunter Gunship. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any sign of their Discover The Force exclusives save for the Battle Packs, Vulture Droid, and Dewback that are or were available online. Rumor has it that DTF goods are on the trucks and on their way to stores in time for the TPM3D release which should be this week. Keep your eye on the prize and send in those reports to us if you find them!

K-Mart also price dropped their exclusive B-Wing Fighter to $35.99. If you have a K-mart left in your area, this may be a good time as not only the Vintage packaging quite attractive, but the vehicle, though slightly retooled, is nicely done.


Send your finds and deals to or post your own Galactic Hunt Report in the comments section below! Happy Galactic Hunting and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!