GHR: Podracer Pilots Sale, Walmart Clearance On New Stuff

By Mike — Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Walmart's known to follow their own lead, so when it's time to make shelf space, why not start moving that "new" old stuff? No massive sale at ToysRUs this week, but there are a couple of items cheaper than usual.


ToysRUs has marked down their exclusive Podracer Pilot set to $19.99 until March 31st. This is in store only and not online. Their Titanium 3 packs are also on sale for $19.99, including their exclusive Episode I set, which is the only set on sale online.





A few Walmart stores are beginning to mark down 2012 Movie Heroes Vehicles and Battlepacks. The Class II Vehicles have been clearanced to $21 and Battle Packs $15 in one Southern California Store. Hopefully this will make some room for Wave 2 and that awesome new Naboo Fighter. Role Play Lightsabers were clearanced to $13.

Each Walmart has their own clearance schedule so your mileage may vary.




There are still no reports or signs of a second shipment of Discover The Force Battlepacks. Recent history tells us that there could be a chance we'll see more of these later, like the Jabba's Palace set, or they may simply appear at an e-tailer like Entertainment Earth or even a discounter like Marshall's, Ross, or TJ Maxx. The sets are being auctioned on eBay for between $30 and $40 now, with the individual loose astromechs going for more of a premium. 

Happy Galactic Hunting!