GHR: G8-R3 And DTF Packaging Variants

By Mike — Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We are able to further confirm Yakface's report on the G8-R3 Harness Paint variant while hunting a Scottsdale, AZ Walmart. The unpainted harness appears to be the more uncommon for now. There's also a packaging/blister variation with the Discover The Force assortment. Hard core variant collectors take note.


There is a variant blister configuration where the die is packed either on the right or left side of the blsiter. This isn't isolated to G8-R3 alone, as we found the same variations with the Naboo Pilot, Aurra SingMawhonic, and Ric Olie.

 Still no sign of any DTF Battle Packs. Shall we start looking at Ross?

Happy Galactic Hunting!



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