GHR: Darth Maul Returns, Another TRU BOGO

By Mike — Sunday, September 9, 2012

Target has finally released the new and highly anticipated Darth Maul Returns Battle Pack this week and it looks fantastic, especially for $19.99, which is is three bucks cheaper than the rest of the older Battle Packs on the shelf.



The set includes a new Darth Maul and Nightsister as well as  a re-issued but still much sought after armored Savage Opress. Check your Targets today and make sure to have the DPCI handy (087-06-1175).

ToysRUs is also having another Buy One Get One for 50% Off on their Star Wars items. TRU has released three hot exclusives which will make it worth your while this time and save some money on the new Yavin Pilots and Ewok Packs and the awesome all new Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper (you'll want to pick up at least two of these.) There's also their 50% off sale on their Pod Racer Pack for only $12.49 ($6.25 if you use the BOGO). The Pod Racer sale ends on 9/22 and is only in stores. And if that's not enough incentive to make you check your local TRU, the Lost Line wave has also been spotted.

Happy Galactic Hunting! Make sure to shoot us an e-mail if you find anything new. GHR is especially waiting for the new K-Mart AT-ST Driver and Ewok sets.