Figure of the Day: Day 1,464

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, January 24, 2011

Back before we called them "soft goods" Kenner enlisted its girls division to make this great Princess Leia Organa figure in an all-cloth white dress.  Wow!  For once, articulation wasn't restricted by the outfit.  Should you get one today?  Well, maybe.  Read on!

Princess Leia Collection

These Leia figures are perhaps my favorite Leia's to date, especially the Ceremonial Leia. I agree that the idea was great, Star Wars that while a boys toys, had a small market detour to attract the female crowd.

I would love to see Hasbro revisit the line once again and give us the Padme collection. I mean we could get various outfits like Naboo Picnic (perhaps my most requested figure to date) as well as outfits from the Clone Wars Series. I would love to see Hasbro perhaps release these with soft goods and plus it's a good way to get characters like Dutchess Satine in the mix.

all Hasbro needs to do is market the figure with a definate selling partner ie: Padme Amidala Naboo Picnic with new Anakin Skywalker, Dutchess Satine with New Obi Wan Kenobi or Death Watch Trooper.. from there the line can branch out to include various Senators with different Clones. I mean this is the way to get Chancellor Palpatine with perhaps a Senate Guard or Senate Clone.

Make this happen Hasbro and I guarantee I'll buy all the sets.

As a LONG time collector, I

As a LONG time collector, I really enjoy reading the reviews on the older figures.

I remember years ago walking into Walmart, hiding these under the other items in my cart so that nobody would see me buying what might be construed as a girls toy. Funny, seems so long ago.

These were fun and seemed to be top notch action figures with their soft goods. I had always hoped that they'd continue the line with a Hoth Leia and if we were lucky, a Slave Leia.

We eventually got a "soft good" Slave Leia that is still a center piece of my collection.

There is still something fun about seeking out the latest incarnation of Leia. Might not be a bad marketing decision to bring a modern version of these back with Padme and Leia focused on young girls. I have nieces that would truly enjoy the inclusion of play with their big brother and cousins.

Just another thought... girls

Just another thought... girls love pink packaging and sparkles, star wars in pink? Do you want it to be successful Hasbro?