Figure of the Day: Day 1,365

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This swell Firefighter Droid is an oddity-- it's a villain painted up to look like a real-life heroic figure.  (I have a lot of Playmobil firefighters, you see.)  The figure is also retooled slightly from previous animated Battle Droids. Is this Clone Wars bad guy a keeper?  Read on!

would have loved to get this

would have loved to get this figure but the 2010 waves of Clone Wars (at least for me) were never spotted in the Central Jersey area (checked 5 TRU's, 4 Targets and 4 Walmarts) and had zero luck finding them....

the only figures that I did find of the 2010 wave were in NYC (Bly, Snow Rex and Magna Guard).

but since this isn't a rant about not finding product I'll say this: I love the design and concept of the firefighter Battle Droid and would have loved to get a small squad of these (maybe 3)for a small scene...

here's hoping that Hasbro re-releases the 2010 waves on the new blue sky packaging for those of us who missed out.