Family Dollar Closing 390 Stores (Family Dollar Is a Store You Don't Go To Often)

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, March 6, 2019

If you're the kind of person that collects a lot of toys, you might be aware of Family Dollar as one of those "value channel" stores that carries a number of off-brand and budget big-brand toys, as well as the temporary exclusive distributor of Jolt Cola (despite never having any stock, not that I'm bitter.)   They were one of the few stores in the USA that frequently stocked the $7ish 6-inch simplified Hasbo Star Wars and Marvel action figures, as well as the "Authentics" Transformers this year - and very few of their items cost only $1. And now there will be 390 less of these stores, so says CNN.

From TFA:3701

"The chain courts low-income shoppers with an array of items sold for under $10 at its more than 8,000 stores. It is owned by the Dollar Tree, which operates an eponymous chain of 7,000 other stores in suburban areas. Dollar Tree stores cater to customers who make more than Family Dollar customers do, but all of their products sell for only $1...

Family Dollar will close nearly 400 stores this year on top of the more than 120 it closed in 2018. It will also re-brand around 200 stores as Dollar Tree this year.Other Family Dollars will keep the name, but will be stacked with $1 Dollar Tree merchandise and alcohol sections. Family Dollar says the new store model will lift traffic and sales, especially in areas where they have slumped."

For the truly depraved toy runners out there, Dollar Tree doesn't carry a lot of non-closeout Hasbro merchandise and little to no Star Wars.  In recent years they've brought on Kre-O, Yo-Kai Watch, and some $1 micro Marvel figures, but not much else.  Family Dollar and Dollar General are a specific kind of micro big box store kind of place, with a little bit of everything, generally away from the larger malls and retailers.  Will this significantly impact the distribution of strange, smaller and cheaper toys?  Time will tell!