Diamond Select Toys Doing Star Wars Selects Figures?

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, October 4, 2020

File under "News to me!" - Star Wars Action News on Instagram posted what looks like a packaged white-boxed Boba Fett from Diamond Select Toys.  They've been doing their own Marvel figures for years, but so far nobody has managed to get approval to do plastic Star Wars in this size - so perhaps some slicensing took place during Hasbro's latest contract renewal.  Click here to see Boba on the Gram.

I would speculate this is exclusive to Disney Stores and/or Disney Theme Parks, but I have no such information.  Happy hunting?   A new place to start over?  Diamond does some nifty figures, but a couple hundred figures into The Black Series... well, maybe some people would be hesitant to begin again.