Celebration V Hasbro Panel Notes-- Backwards

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, August 13, 2010

I live-tweeted the panel, but if you missed it, here are my posts in reverse order-- included are highlights from the slides as well as commentary. Big news: 3-Packs 3-Pack, Kohl's Galactic Heroes AT-ST, Vintage AOTC wave! It's messy.


TRU to get reissued Rebel Yavin Tech and Transporter from Scramble on Yavin Battle Pack as minivehicle.
 Ekelarc Yong, R5-P9, Sila Kott, Oxixo TIE Pilot.
 New sets! TRU Endor Pilots: Grizz Frix, R2-T7, Falso Thern, Scythe TIE Pilot.
 Jango looks blue and not purple for once. Mace Windu, Senate Security Guard (new armor, soft goods), Super Battle Droid round out the wave.
 Anakin has soft goods poncho. Unsure if regular poncho or Sears poncho. (No foolin'.)
 Padme has 2 headdress-- 1 reference version, 1 screen worn. Conflicting reference material.
 Peasant Anakin, Peasant Padme, and Jango shown. Anakin update of 2002 figure, Padme all new. Lots of cloth. Anakin is yes.
 Zam has 2 heads, like a cat. With 2 heads. Of terror.
 Zam pistol fits in holster, binoculars sweep down, scarves swap, etc.
 2011 preview! EPII Vintage Wave 4, Feb. Kit Fisto, Zam Wesell, Obi-Wan. Zam is nice.
 Camie does indeed have no panties.
 CV exclusives-- Camie & Fixer. Camie's today's FOTD! Reverse 4-LOM & Zuckuss, too. FOTD yesterday.
 Hey, the @EntEarth comic packs! Deliah, Nihl, Jarael, Rohlan, Fel, Isard, Montross, Jaster.
 4-LOM, AT-AT Driver, TIE Pilot, Bespin Guard, Lando, Luke, Han, Hoth Rebel, FX-7. Seemingly repacks, but the packaging is <3
 Target gets vintage figure box 3-packs. WOW. 9-packs has 3 3-packs in a sleeve. Can't tell if the figures are new-- yet.
 New Target Hoth Battle Packs are December. AT-ST with 3 figures, Turret/Radar Laser Cannon w/ 3 figures.
 Wal-Mart has new TIE Bomber, as predicted. Firing rockets and stuffs. New cockpit.
Target has Mini-Muggs. Bossk/Boba/IG, Yoda/Vader/Stormtrooper, Cad/Grievous/Rex.
Found a kid with goofy smile, haircut for the Kenner vehicle boxes.
Target Vint Box Snowspeeder, TIE. As seen at SDCC. TIE is unique/new.
TRU exclusive box AT-AT in Vintage Box. Fall.
Target Arena Con't: Anakin New Head & Droideka. Shaak Ti & Geonosian Warrior. Nicanas Tassu and Dooku, R2-D2 & C-3PO.
Target Arena Mk 2 in October. Obi new head & Super Battle Droid repaint. Rodian Jedi & Battle Droid repaint.
Wal-Mart gets Kit Fisto Jedi Starfighter in October.
Target 2-packs: Senate Commando sets, Cad Bane & IG-86. Commando=yes. Kmart has Clone Commando Squad, out now.
Jabba! Out now. "In Store October" my ass, I got mine last weekend.
Front canopy has compartment for Han Solo in Carbonite! Repaint to follow? That's pretty much a confirmation.
It's 18-inches. So is the Slave I.
GIANT SLAVE I! September, TRU, $100. Includes Mace JSF, 5 figures. That's why it's $100.
Robonino, Commando Droids, Weequay dude.
Target Battle Packs - Hostage Crisis, Hidden Enemy. DVDs inside with scenes in them. October. You'll want both of these.
TRU Evolution 2-packs-- out now. Grievous, Boba, Vader. May be repaints, I don't know. Pre-Cyborg Grievous is why you want these.
Galactic Heroes Kohl's AT-ST w/ figures. Vader, AT-ST Driver, Snowtroopers. KOHL'S?!??!?
Will be multiple waves of figures + DVDs. Figures are repacks, I think.
Malevolence Exclusives-- DVD + 2 figures, based on Malevolence episodes. Out in Canada now, I believe. Not in US yet. Wal-Mart. $14.99.
Nikto Skiff Guard for TRU in September. Animated style, single card. Nice.
Exclusives! Kul Teska, he's out at TRU. "Wampa Size" a good description. Jodo Kast show, also out now. Kmart.
Wild applause for this thing. Shannon says he thinks it's pretty cool. He is right.
RC Falcon shown. Comes in red/white Legacy box. Flies! Foam. Hollow. $50ish.
Republic Cruiser/Clone, Tank/Clone shown. Rex/Freeco, Yoda/Shuttle also shown. #transformers #nonotautobots #whyyyyy
Grievous saber has 3 modes-- singles, double, and double spinning. Using industry terms now, TV Driver. Transformers?
Boba's helmet fits kids and adults. Try Me is quiet for a reason--speaker INSIDE helmet.
Roleplay Fett helmet, blaster. Grievous spinning lightsaber. I played with the Grievous one and it really is fun to spin it.
Galactic Heroes AT-AT. This is also out now. Awwwww.
Waves 1 and 2 flew by, sorry, not new though. One more surprise 2-pack can't be shown yet for wave 3. Later in the year.
Galactic Heroes: Wave 3 Bespin Luke and Vader, Training Clone and Bric, Senate Commando with new Aqua Battle Droid. #nice
INCLUDES belt clip for your hilts. Hot dang. Why get the EFX ones when you can get these?
 FX Lightsabers for Maul, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Vader. It's super cool.
 FX Lightsabers with removable blades. These are cool. Sounds short out if blade isn't attached. It's a toy, more or less, and a prop.
 Wilk's head was the POTJ Bespin Guard with the playset as well as Mij Gilamar. #themoreyouknow
 AT-AT. You've seen this, I hope.
 Brian Wilk is the reason we didn't get the Cloud Car. Tar and feather him.
 Vehicles: Snowspeeder, Cloud Car. You've seen these. They are awesome.
 Rocket Fett. Seen it. You've seen it too. Nice but I still wish it was modern sculpt with old Kenner deco.
 Wedge may be early Spring 2011. Wicket does include cartoon-style hood/cowl. E-E-E-E-E-E-Ewoks.
 Wicket is here. Wedge is still delayed. Derryl says this is because he hates you, personally. Yes you.
 Chest compartments have welder, arm holds glasses. Best R2-D2 ever?
 R2-D2 has periscope AND lightsaber. Scope fills the hole for a normal R2-D2 when pushed down.
 Wooof, R2-D2 with drinks and lightsaber pop-up, Rebel Commando. Nice coat. R2-D2 looks great. Scaled down, though. #boo
 New Luke has ball and socket hips, he says.
 Archive visit for reference to ROTJ wave. Saw Howard the Duck. Coming in Wave 5. (No, not really.)
 Dave talking. He says how he's making them awesome and working hard. He's right. That Gamorrean is too good.
 ROTJ Wave: Gamorrean Guard, Admiral Ackbar, Jeff Skywalker. Get it? Ackbar and Jeff. #funny #yesitis #dontjudgeme
 EpIII Con't: Cody, Anakin, Clone Trooper, Sandtrooper. Seen in booth, shipping nowish.
 Done the day after SDCC, coming "pretty soon." The variant I mean.
 Anakin Skywalker to have a "Darth Vader" name change variant.
 EpIII Wave: Darth Sidious, Anakin Vader, Magnaguard Droid, Grievous.
 More new Galactic Hunter CV pics: http://bit.ly/9zcMly I took 'em, you enjoy 'em.
 10 greatest hits repacks. If not more. Maybe. Let's go already.
 LEGACY! Vintage! 37 basic figures in 2010. 4 waves, every 6 weeks. #willbelievewhenIseeit
RC Hailfire droid. In stores already-- has remote-controlled rocket launchers. Still waiting for mine in the mail, me.
 Fins in rear open up for gunner station to add clone gunner. NICE.
 JEDI TURBO SPEEDER! Awesome. New tool. Wowie Zowie. January 11. Astromech socket! Rear fins rotate! Launchers! Winglets pull out! Seats 2!
 Droid Gunship, new deco Tri-Fighter coming in December. We saw Gunship leaked early this year. Seats figures inside.
 Xanadu Blood, Plo Koon Starfighter. You've seen these too. Redecoes, nice ones. Can Cad Bane sit in it though? #no
 I want the Hyena Bomber. It makes me warm and fuzzy. Fully articulated wings, nice size.
 Starfighter vehicles: AAT, Hyena Bomber, AT-AP, Clone Swamp Speeder. You've seen these.
 Battle Pack Rex has new comic-inspired gun
 Battle Packs-- Mandalorian Troopers, ARC Troopers are last ones for 2010. These are up for order already. Mando accessories unique to set.
 All-new mini vehicles-- new tools-- in the spring. Andrew and Mark designed these mini rig vehicles. THANK YOU MARK.
 Figure + Vehicle: Freeco Bike with Cold Clone, Mini Tank with Tactical Droid TA-175, Clone Boil with Flame AT-RT.
 Holds 16 figures... OR DOES IT?
Mail-in Sgt. Bric with Mat. We posted, nice. Brainiac in armor. Mat kinda like old Play-Doh playmats. Mail-in.
 Cato Parasitti, Clone Commander Jet also coming. Wave 5ish.
 Wave 5: Clone Draa, ZOMBIE GEONOSIAN! #ohshit #hellsyeah Zombie limbs come off for "zombie damage." Can be warrior/ drone, rem. wings/collar
 Wave 4: Nov. Shaak Ti, R4-P17, Embo, Boba Fett, Mandalorian Trooper. You've seen these if you've been paying attention.
 Wave 3 CW Sept . Ki-Adi-Mundi, Flamethrower Clone, Pilot Clone with green armor. #hardcore Battle Droid sold separately.
 Wave 2 CW: Kit Fisto, Mace Windu w/ Jango Helmet Bomb, Commander Droid, Camo Clone Scout. You've seen these.
 Card game! You've seen this. They want to tell you how to play with your toys. Mrs. Vader comes over for tea, dammit.
Product line is more focused. Spinal Tap's appeal was more selective.
 Thanks, vintage is here, blah blah blah. SHOW ME YOUR WOOKIE
 We're getting into it. All the way in. #sexy
 Derryl DePriest,Vicki Stratford, Mark Beaudreaux, Andy Franks, Brian Parrish, Chet... something, Sean Scott, ??, David the Sculptor!
Hasbro is promising NEW THINGS(TM) and A COUPLE SURPRISES(R). Huge team here. Well, a lot of them. BRIAN PARRISH!!!
Hello from inside the Hasbro panel. Yes, I will be tweeting it. Tell your friends, unless they owe you money, in which case SCREW THEM.