Ad: Entertainment Earth Star Wars MTT Preorder, Blox Vinyl Sale, Battle Beasts, More

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, June 11, 2012

Ad: Add some vinyl to your desk! Tons of Funko Blox Vinyl Figures are on sale 2 for $25 at at Entertainment Earth today! (But not tomorrow.) Check out dozens of awesome items be sure to preorder your Hasbro Star Wars MTT Vehicle and SDCC Exclusive Battle Beasts Minimates and Comic Book while you're there! Click through for pricing and availability.


Simpsons Krusty the Clown Blox Vinyl FigureStar Wars Boba Fett Blox Vinyl Figure Bobble HeadMars Attacks! Movie Blox Vinyl FigureFranken Berry Funko Blox Vinyl Figure
KISS Gene Simmons Demon Funko Blox Vinyl Figure
Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier Vehicle with 20 Battle DroidsStar Wars Action Figures 2012 Vintage Wave 6Star Wars R2-R9 SDCC 2012 Exclusive BankStar Wars Action Figures 2012 Vintage Wave 5
Star Wars Action Figures 2012 Vintage Wave 4Battle Beasts SDCC 2012 Exclusive Minimates 2-PackBatman Bearbrick SDCC 2012 Exclusive Mini-FigureThe Twilight Zone Kanamit's Cookbook Set - SDCC Exclusive
Exclusive Big Bang Theory Batman Sheldon Cooper Bobble HeadBattle Beasts $1 SDCC 2012 Exclusive Edition ComicMizuiro Yuki Katase Nekomimi Bloomer Version Anime FigureBath Time with Hinako and Hiyoko Hinako Statue


Just follow a link, and enjoy!