3-D Print Your Own Star Wars Droids

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, March 3, 2019

3699 My pal Phil pointed me to a Thingiverse page by Tony "Isotelus" Kramer with dozens of 3-D printable droids and it's pretty impressive.  While Hasbro and Lucasfilm focus mostly on the main characters, fan-made creations may be more and more common as these made-on-demand figures look pretty spiffy.  If you have a 3-D printer (and I don't) you may wish to give these a try. 

Also, I would like to issue a challenge to the creative types out there to make printable paint masks so people like me with absolutely no talent could effectively make their own fully-decorated figure.  Hey, I can dream!

How this affects the future of computing - trademarks, licenses, and what have you - will be worth watching.  We've seen approved and not-unapproved Hasbro-IP characters on Shapeways in the past, as part of a fan object program that seems to have simply lapsed.  How will items like this work out down the road?  I have no idea - but until Hasbro makes these droids, they're certainly a decent substitute.