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Limited Run Game Star Wars Nintendo and GameBoy Reissues on Kenner-Style Packaging

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, June 24, 2019

If you're a toy collector of a certain age, the 1978-1985 black and silver Kenner line look is a holy thing.  You saw it on action figures, vehicles, coloring books, and all sorts of toys (as "collectibles" were not really a thing) when you were a kid, and also at subsequent flea markets, garage sales, and guys named Ron's garages.

This look was out of vogue by 1991 when LucasFilm Games and JVC teamed up for Star Wars for the NES in 1991 and the GameBoy in 1992.  Star Wars was barely making a blip on the cultural radar with a few video games, some hollow figures from Dakin, and a small publishing program at what primitive humans of that era referred to as "book stores," some of which sold video games out of the back.   This game was not necessarily a gem of its era, but it sold well on the strength of the license and of the hope that it would be great.

For those of you who missed out in the 1991 and 1992 era, or the reissues later, or the reissues of the reissues, you've got one more chance on June 28 (assuming you don't buy the originals off of eBay for about ten bucks a pop first.)

Limited Run Games to Reissue Star Wars NES, GameBoy, and Nintendo 64 Cartridges

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In "I can't believe it either" news, a bunch of the 1990s Star Wars video game library is coming back in print!  Limited Run Games announced a bunch of retro game cartridge and boxed PC software reissues - Monkey Islands, Dark Forces, and so on.  The games are expected to have extras, and most special physical games include things like posters, maps, or other fun flat things.  We don't know what these will be yet, and I speak from experience that the NES and GameBoy Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back games were not impressive when they were new.  (Shadows of the Empire was great, though.)